Weekly Food for Thought – Would You Rather Talk About it, or Experience it ;-)?

“Nothing ever becomes real, ‘til it is experienced!” – John Keats

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Dear Friends,

Wow! What a week! We have got so much to share with you! And boy, are we glad that this coming weekend, i.e. in just under two days, we have our March (post Rhythm and NLP Amsterdam gig we’ve just participated in) workshop and are excited to share some of the new stuff!

We had an honour to spend some time with the power team: John Grinder & Carmen Bostic St. Clair, organized by our amazing Friends Catalina and Peter, another power team!!!

Yet, before we start, let us ask you something? Have you ever had the privilege to spend a week in the presence of a man who is the leader in the field he also founded, or co-founded?

If yes, you probably know what we are talking about, if not, here is the thing….

The power of the left hemisphere

Sometimes during workshops of this kind participants opt to discuss the exercises and what has been talked about on stage, rather than to participate in them. This is rarely the best strategy for learning. And especially not so when it comes to a field of experience like NLP.

During this week’s event it was such a pleasure to witness that people actually went for the experience. They did the exercises and experienced the results. And with experience comes the sort of understanding that is truly worth having. Which in essence sums up what the New Code NLP is all about.

There is a classic experiment by Gazzaniga (you can find it on youtube). The subject is a man whose brain has been divided into two. The word “bell” is shown to his right brain. The word “music” to his left brain. When asked to select one out of four pictures, depicting various musical instruments and a bell, he chooses the bell. He is asked why he chose the bell, and his left hemisphere comes up with a totally irrelevant explanation. An explanation it firmly believes in.

The scary thing is that he sounds pretty much like anyone does when they explain why they did one thing as opposed to another. This is the nature of the left hemisphere – to provide explanations. Sometimes these explanations have something to do with reality, but if they don’t, it doesn’t really matter to the left hemisphere. It will be just as convinced by its own reasoning whether it is correct or not.

This is what talking and chatting often is like – providing comparisons or explanations based on past understandings, no matter if these past understandings are correct or relevant. In the context of an NLP seminar this often wastes fantastic opportunities for discovery and change into useless rationalizations and misinformed chatter. NLP, if presented by competent trainers, will inevitably present things, which exist outside that which is previously understood.

Talk or experience

With this in mind, we would like to invite you to opt for the experience rather than just thinking about it, or talking to yourself about it.

Here is an exercise that can help you move in that direction.

During the day, make certain to have a rich sensory experience. Perhaps taking a shower, walking on dry leaves, etc.. As you take the shower describe in sensory specific language what you are experiencing. No evaluation, no interpretation. Just raw experience!

No words like “beautiful”, “sensual”, “cleansing”. But more like this: The wetness of the thousands of drops of water as they burst open while reaching the skin, or something along those lines… The same goes for walking on dry leaves…

Enjoy your experiences, and leave talking for later;-)!

As always wishing you a wonderful week and sending you oceans of love,

Your talkative and experienced trainers
Lidija and Thomas

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