What is the difference that puts one person far ahead of the rest, while others merely follow? Precisely this is at the core of NLP. NLP deals with modeling of human excellence. It is a set of powerful tools and techniques that, when applied skillfully can bring about long, lasting and effective change.


When we create our mental map of the world around us, we take in information through our 5 senses (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory, gustatory), which are transformed though a series of Neurological Transforms. This happens, before we access the experience.


After the Neurological Transforms, we put words to our internal representations and experience, thus creating a linguistic map of the world in which we live. This map is called the Linguistic Map.


Our behavior and responses are a result of the sequence of neurological and linguistic transformations that happen through our filtering processes. NLP finds its use in many fields – communication, body language (verbal and non-verbal communication), sales, HR, coaching, education, therapy, business, personal development, team building, organization restructuring, presentation, and many more.


Sales, communication, HR, leadership skills, presentation skills, rapport, negotiation, organizational change.


Goal setting and goal achieving strategies, overcoming limiting beliefs, creating new empowering beliefs, replacing old behavioral patterns with new behaviors, improving state to achieve intentions and outcomes.


Spelling strategies, accelerating learning strategies, student-teacher rapport, classroom management, overcoming bullying, engaging presentation skills.


Strategies to treat trauma, post traumatic stress, phobia, addiction, relationship issues, allergies, bereavement.

“A new standard for psychology” – Psychology Today

“…Al Gore and Bill Clinton and practically every Fortune 500 corporate chief, declared themselves fans.” – The Guardian

“…A program that allows you to explore one extreme of human behavior – namely excellence.” – Dr. John Grinder

“NLP is one of the biggest breakthroughs in the technology of achievement and human excellence.” – Time Magazine