Popcorn for the Soul – Love Thyself

L O V E T H Y S E L F || Those who know me, will know that I am not a big fan of following the form, commercial celebrations of anything, including today’s day. Over time I’ve learnt … Continued

Popcorn for the Soul – Inspired Copies

C O P Y || Oh sweetie, I am so inspired by your work? And I love how you do X. I’d love to do the same… Oh, would you mind if I…? So beautiful to serve as an inspiration … Continued

Popcorn for the Soul – New Year Wiser You

New Year Wiser You Ha ha ha! And here it is! Much awaited January! So many freaking expectations from that one little month, I sometimes wonder if it is going to get fed up and disguise itself as say April … Continued

Popcorn for the Soul — Houses of Parliament Calling…

Houses of Parliament Calling… When I write, I tend to write bestsellers, and when I help co-author a book about migrant women in the UK, who turn struggles into success stores, I get invited to the Houses of Parliament where … Continued

Popcorn for the Soul — Life as a Special Occasion

Life as a Special Occasion A dress in the shop window caught my attention, and I decided to check it out. A lovely shop assistant greeted me with the usual hi-how-can-i-help-you and asked if I was looking for a dress … Continued