Mirror Mirror On The Wall

We live in the world that is highly external and as such it is also highly visual. The market is awash with products that offer and promise instant and visually pleasing effects. As if all that you’ve ever wanted is … Continued

Global Woman Summit – Tirana, Albania

Good things come to those who wait. Outstanding things come to those who work on themselves while waiting. So this Goddess, i.e. me, is invited to speak at the Global Woman Summit in Tirana, Albania, happening this weekend! I am … Continued

Popcorn for the Soul – Are You Tired of Pretending

Are You Tired of Pretending Failure is hiding out from your truth. Failure. Success. Hot topics. Many opinions. Theories abound. You see, the more you pretend, the more you have to keep hiding who you really are. No need to … Continued