For starters have over 40 years joint experience in the field of NLP, Personal Development and Business. We have learnt from the experts in the field. Check out our bios: Lidija M Rosati and Thomas Björge

Another fact that sets us apart is that we don’t just TEACH NLP nor do we regurgitate the material created by its founders.

We use NLP to CREATE new content, mainly in the field of New Code NLP and High Performance and LP and VR (Virtual Reality).

We are FULLY trained for both Classic and New Code NLP.


We are the only trainers in the world who have used leading edge VR (Virtual Reality) technologies effectively to create a unique product for learning NLP. We are featured in RAPPORT, the world’s leading publication for NLP & Coaching professionals. Check out the Rapport magazine article here: and a YouTube video:


We are award winning international speakers and bestselling authors (get your copy of Lidija’s bestselling book here: Gaining While Losing – The Gentle Art of Transformation ) whose work is featured globally. We are Performance Strategists to business leaders. We teach across on three continents – Europe, US and Asia, which gives us the edge and a better understanding of the human mind and cultural diversity.

All our training programs are unique, experiential, fun and engaging, with the focus on changing behavior through transferable skills, and are designed to get the best from each individual. In our trainings, we use NLP, as well as many other effective change formats.

We pride ourselves in providing effective tools through interactive and cutting edge trainings, that bring about long lasting change.


We provide elite level trainings and our focus is on offering high value in everything we do, by providing rich experience and outstanding results to the participants at our trainings. Our track record and conviction in the quality of our trainings is backed by a full money back guarantee policy.