We are proud to present a whole new way to learn NLP: It’s a fun, immersive, direct experience of NLP in VR.

“Once Upon a Beach – Submodalities in Space” is about learning how the images in your mind affect you.

Take a peak at the video below, a lot of people report that they like just watching the video. But in order to really have the experience you need to use a VR head set.

If you have a decent mobile phone you will be able to use a headset for mobile phones.
(With iPhone you can use the Youtube app for VR – just click the Cardboard icon.
With an Android you may need to get a VR app, like in360tube or VeeR)

Once Upon a Beach – Submodalities in Space

“Once Upon a Beach – Submodalities in Space” is a MorphMind™ product – MorphMind is an outcome of our close cooperation with Hong Kong based 3.six.5.