NLP Practitioner – Classic & New Code

The Momentum Strategies certified Classic and New Code NLP Practitioner course has been designed using the latest cutting edge tools and techniques. The course is accredited by the ITA – International Trainers’ Academy.

Upon successful completion of the course and assessment, participants will be awarded:

  • One NLP Practitioner Certificate bearing the names of trainers as well as that of Dr. John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St. Clair and Michael Carroll

During this course, you will learn, among other things, the following:

  • The Origins of NLP – From Past to Present to Future
  • Key NLP skills – Rapport, Calibration, Representational Systems
  • Linguistic model – Milton Model hypnotic language, metaphors, Meta Model
  • Classic Code – NLP processes for change, Anchoring, Parts Integration
  • Submodalities – Changing the structure of our representations, changing habits and phobias
  • Change Processes – TimeLine, Tasking, N Step Reframe, Working with the Unconscious
  • New Code NLP – New Code change formats
  • Integration of NLP – Activities on how to integrate and apply NLP

Given the fact that we deliver trainings across Europe, prices may vary. To get more information, contact us at: