Weekly Food for Thought – The Need to Be Right

Dear Friends,I wonder if you were ever in the situation where you had to defend your way of thinking, acting, being…?! And if you did, how did it feel?! What did you notice in the process of having to ‘fight to be right’?!

Letting go of the need to be right stands high on the personal development ladder. I believe, it is quite possibly one of the most fascinating victories over our Ego, over its need to be in charge. Once we release this need, gains could be manifold. Almost instantly, you could find that more resources are available to you, choices increase, and your attitude becomes refreshingly authentic.

By letting go of the need to be right, our communication skills improve, we become more attentive, we turn into better listeners, and become better at creating solutions for would be challenges.

What is this need really?

For our inner growth, the need to be right is irrelevant and totally unimportant. That need is self-imposed and created to ‘convince’ others. By trying to convince others, we waste precious time and energy, that we could invest elsewhere, i.e. in us!

Paradoxically, when we relinquish this need, and when our thinking, acting, being become ‘accepted’, it won’t matter anymore.  It won’t be something that serves Ego’s self-confirmation, but an ‘aha’ moment that will give you an insight into your own journey that continues to unfold and last.

Once this happens, creative juices start flowing, and all the previous self-imposed limitations vanish!

With this in mind, I wish you a wonderfully light and creative weekend!


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