Weekly Food for Thought – Simplicity vs. Complexity

Dear friends,I hope this email finds you in great health and great spirits!

I am back from Russia, where I’ve had a chance to see some of my old friends, and meet some amazing new ones! The Russian experience, albeit work related, was the most amazing 40th birthday gift I could’ve ever asked for. The energy, vision, cooperation, collaboration was amazing, and before I had a chance to take it all in, I was invited to speak at next year’s conference in St. Petersburg! How awesome is that;-)?!

As you may have gathered, these past few weeks have been magical, filled with Jungian synchronicities, amazing oportunites and a chance to expand and grow! I was once again reminded of how unique and incredible my life is and how important the power of focus, the power of acknowledging the present moment, the power of childlike spontaneity and curiosity is.

Simply Big

As I was contemplating this, earlier today, a scene from the movie ‘Forest Gump’ came to mind…It is the scene when Forest, in his childlike naivete, explains why he is running…And just when everyone expects him to say something ‘big’, he turns around and says ‘I just felt like running’!

So when Forest said that he just felt like running, you could see the jaws of those around him drop. There were stories of instant inspiration, creativity and so on, as when you follow your instinct and let go, everything else starts to fit in perfectly where it is supposed to fit in.

‘Big’ things in life are usually very simple at their core, and it is their very simplicity that confuses the Ego, who always expects things to be complex and difficult if they are to be treated with seriousness and respect:-)!

This is because we, as human beings, like to delve deep into a story, to go deep into ‘why’ in order to gain credibility and respect. The
more you go into ‘why’, the more you get into your story, further away you’ll be from the real reason why you feel compelled to do something. Simple truths don’t need complex and winding ‘whys’! They just are!

With this in mind, this weekend, open yourself for simple things that will bring you joy…Trust and watch the Universe unfold its magic before your very eyes! I certainly will;-)!

Sending you oceans of love, light and playfulness!

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