Weekly Food for Thought – Self-Improvement and Self-Acceptance

Dear Friends,

To some extent, we all strive towards being better people.

And I believe that we all would like to be better, to be more. Yet, a handful of us understands the flow of interdependent vessels that are

Self-improvement and Self-acceptance

Self- improvement has to do with our intellect, whereas self-acceptance is linked with spirituality. Self-improvement is connected with mind, and self-acceptance finds its root in being. Self-improvement is a dynamic category, while self-acceptance is static. And what may appear as a paradox, at first glance, is that self-improvement, ‘wastes’ and ‘speeds up’ our time, while self-acceptance saves it and it slows it down.

Primary goal of each and everyone of us is to strive towards being better. However, in order to do so, first we must accept ourselves as we are, and from that very point aim towards self-improvement. When this kind of interaction is achieved, self-improvement will turn towards ‘self’.

So, when you think of your self-improvement, look inside of your very being, observe your current position with great deal of kindness and love, look at your current potentials, resources, accept yourself…It is only when you are able to do so, the real self-improvement can take place.

It is important to note that self-improvement is not an external category that depends on our clothes, make up, etc. Its essence lies within the realm of our inner being. Self-improvement based on external factors can easily be noticed (mainly in the eyes and the look of the beholder), it is short lived, and what’s important is that, self-improvement based on these factors cannot bring a long-term satisfaction and fulfillment.

With this in mind, I wish you a wonderfully improved and accepted week:-)!

Sending you oceans of love,

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