Weekly Food for Thought – Peace and Play Brother

Dear Friends,

It is exactly a week since I had one of the most amazing weekends in Serbia?!

It was a Flashmob for Peace weekend, organized globally by a super star Elliot Kay, in which Serbia participated!

Please forgive me if I sound like a miss World contestant, however, peace on Earth, peaceful co-existence between countries, peace of mind, body and soul, are issues close to my heart, and I wanted to contribute by getting my country involved in this amazing initiative!

Inner children for peace

So, a group of totally awesome people gathered last Saturday and made the event possible. What was interesting, was that each and everyone of us came out and brought our inner child to play!

It is our inner child, after all, that wants peace, calm, cooperation and collaboration. Children have no need for wars, fights, disagreements… All they want is to play and have fun!

We sang Lennon’s ‘Give peace a chance’, we ‘directed’ a mini ‘Give peace a chance’ recital, flew white Peace balloons, and rounded the whole thing off by jumping and throwing shapes on a giant trampoline… Amount of fun we had, would’ve been too much to measure even for the latest and most sophisticated version of fun-O-meter!

Say the word ‘Peace’ and trust the Unconscious to do the job!

With this in mind, I invite you to take a moment and ask yourself when was the last time you took your inner child to play??! If you haven’t recently done so, decide to use this last weekend in August to make it memorable and do just that…play!

I wish you a wonderful weekend and sending you oceans of love,


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