Weekly Food for Thought – On Sharing and Other Things

‘Giving is the highest expression of potency’ ~ Erich Fromm

Dear Friends,

The day has started with an uplifting and inspiring conversation with my dear friend Susan.

We had a lot of catching up to do, however, all that we had to say to each other, organically evolved into the subject of sharing, giving, contributing… This IS our purpose!

Our conversation was partly inspired by the fact that we are off to spend few days with people who are committed to taking their lives to the next level, and see the whole idea of sharing and contributing as something every single human being on this planet must make a priority.

Giving empowers, sharing enhances and expands any experience

Giving without expecting anything back, random acts of giving and sharing kindness with a fellow human being, is something we hear and read a lot about these days… People are learning that it is OK to share, give, smile, without any reason… How about we make it a weekend of… ‘just because’!?

With this simple message, I invite you to spend a few days living and breathing and doing random acts of giving and sharing, for no other reason than that it will add even more value to your life and the lives of others!

Wishing you a joyful weekend and feel free to SHARE your experiences!

With love,
Lidija and Susan Mary Hodgson (a guest contributor and an experienced sharer 🙂 )

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