Weekly Food for Thought – Of Talking and Understanding

‘Panta Rei – Everything is changing’. ~ Heraclitus

Dear Friends,

Hello from sunny Serbia, where May election fever is gripping the nation and taking over Easter holidays. Politicians are using their well-rehearsed speeches and confused electorate is watching and disinterestingly nodding.

In this general rehearsal;-), I couldn’t help but notice the underlying message Serbian politicians are conveying: ‘We are responsible for what we say, but not for what you (the electorate) understand’!

Isn’t this the case in everyday life? Life away from political campaigns, elections and such like… Depending on our filters, any one of us can understand the same story differently.

One story – many meanings

We all have situations where we have heard someone’s story many times, the same old story, packaged differently though, and our Unconscious recognizes it and decides to switch off, thinking we KNOW what the other person in going to say…

Well, we may have an inkling, but people change, the understanding of their stories change, their needs change and by switching off, we miss the crucial piece of information, the one that may help us see the bigger picture, see it from a different angle understand it better.

With this in mind, I decided to pay better attention to those people around me, who ‘greet’ me with the same old story, and see how or if their narrative is different to before! Our filters change regularly and as a result, so do we – the same is not always the same!

I send you oceans of love and wish you joyous weekend!

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