Weekly Food for Thought – Of Labyrinths and Obstacles

‘The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.’ ~ MoliereDear Friends,

A conversation I had with a dear friend, about self imposed obstacles, self-sabotage, the need to listen to our inner voice, that’s not always supportive and encouraging, let alone kind and loving, made me think that it is actually us that are complicating our lives, and not some kind of external forces, over which we have no choice.

We create labyrinths, out of which we’d rather not come out;-)!

When something untoward happens, we are inclined to go back to a tried and tested victim state, then move onto ‘this always happens to me’ phrase, only to fall back into the classic mode of blaming some external force:-)!

Expired patterns

What fascinates me and begs a question is how come we, more often than not, go for the usual, predictable patterns of behavior, those that may have had their use in the past, and are no longer needed? Often times, we know fully well that they are in need of a total overhaul, and yet, we cling onto them.

It is those predictable patterns that create labyrinths in our lives that we find difficult to get out of. And those self-made labyrinths are a cause for concern, as self-sabotage feeds on them.

So yesterday, in that conversation with a friend, I had a major breakthrough with regards to the labyrinths that I created:-)!

Frankly, I was fed up with going round in circles, without seeing a way out! I decided to transform labyrinths into obstacles, as they (obstacles), are fun to overcome and work with, they get my creative juices flowing, I become more resourceful and they help me grow!

And the most important thing is, that this simple, yet powerful decision, helped me move from being at the effect to getting at cause, in a heartbeat:-)!

Are there any labyrinths in your life that need turning into fun obstacles:-)?

I wish you a wonderful week, and sending you oceans of love,


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