Weekly Food for Thought – Of Insights and Actions

‘Travelers, it is late. Life’s sun is going to set.?During these brief days that you have strength,?be quick and spare no effort of your wings!’ ~ Rumi

Dear Friends,

This week was all about insights and actions.

I was speaking with someone who was super proud of a number of insights she’s had over the years, and yet hasn’t been able to make much out of them. Despite those very powerful insights, life was still happening TO her, as opposed to happening FOR her.

She was curious to find out HOW she could turn those insights into action, and more importantly for her, WHY she choose to hang onto the insights for an extended period of time.

Taking insightful actions

I believe that we all have, at one point in our lives, wallowed in the knowledge that we got the insight and thought that was enough:-)! Insights can be very powerful if used correctly, yet, if left unused, they may lose significance over time.

Once you get an insight, it can evolve in two ways:

– Either you realise that you are meant to raise your game and stop ‘playing small’ or
– You stick to the ‘playing small’ role, because you fear that the new role will require you to own up, step up and raise your game, leaving your old habits behind.

Ultimately, it is up to us which way we choose…

Every insight requires appropriate action.

With this in mind, I send you oceans of love and wish you a myriad of actionable insights.

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