Weekly Food for Thought – Of Gold Empty Moments

Dear Friends,These past few weeks were spent filling my Unconscious with amazing stuff! Stuff the New Code NLP is made of! Heaps of learnings, insights, AHA moments… And so, to allow the good stuff to integrate and settle in, this week, I decided to, offload and observe, to enjoy ‘empty’ moments, to let my mind drift…

Task free task

When I gave myself this humongous task, I knew I’d be in for a few surprises;-)! I noticed that my immediate response to a free moment was to reach for a book, telephone, iPod, notebook, anything… I had a choice, to succumb to the old go to strategy, or to continue with the new and enjoy the ‘empty’ moment.

I found observing myself very amusing and at times entertaining. I also noticed other people on the tube, bus, doing the same, finishing with one activity and moving swiftly onto the next.

To begin with, it was challenging, as I am ‘trained’ to use every single free moment and ‘do’ something with it, be productive…

Doing, being productive, has its benefits, however, not allowing yourself a moment in between the tasks, to think, integrate, allow the information to settle, is a different cattle of fish;-)!

And so I ask myself – Are we afraid of activity free moments?! Moments where we are in a know–nothing-just-observing kind of state.

These moments proved to be pure gold! They turned out to be the most productive ones. And as I sit here, writing this, a wise thought from my teacher comes to mind – in between the tasks, take time to offload and experience the light, thought free state.

With this in mind, I wish you a magnificent week and I send you oceans of love,


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