Weekly Food for Thought – Of Dreams and Realities

‘You were born with potential. /You were born with goodness and trust. /You were born with ideals and dreams. /You were born with greatness.’ ~ Rumi

Dear Friends,

The D-day has arrived, and I can proudly say that the Holistic NLP Centre in my hometown of Nis, is opening tonight!!!

Needless to say, I am beyond excited and ever so grateful to all my teachers and friends who I got to meet and learn from on this beautiful cycle of human experience called LIFE.

Ingredients of manifestation

What once was an idea, a dream, if you like, became a reality! A reality that I am yet to digest:-)! And what’s more, it proved that every decision needs a proper foundation, the clearest and purest of intentions, passion for what you do. These are, I believe, the key ingredients for every dream to turn into reality.

If one of the above components are missing, a dream, an idea can become a beautiful story with different endings, and in most cases, a study of excuses, as to WHY it never turned into reality!

As it happens, my dream has a beautiful and purposeful beginning and I aim to share it with the world:-)!

Are there any dreams that you stop from turning into reality? And if so, what would you say is the missing ingredients?

With this thought, I wish you a weekend of big dreams and I send you oceans of love,

Upcoming NLP trainings in Brussels and USA

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