Weekly Food for Thought – Of Choosing to Be You

“You may make a jewellery flower out of gold and rubies and emeralds, but it will not have fragrance.” ~ Rumi

Dear Friends,

This week was all about amazing people and truly inspiring conversations! It was great to catch up with old friends and meet some new ones…
It was one of those weeks where I had to pinch myself few times, to check if I was dreaming! It was that amazing!

Fragrance of inspiration

You may wonder what made it so special?! My answer to that is openness and authenticity! When you spend time in the company of people who dare to dream, dare to push the boundaries, dare to be themselves, dare to stand for what they believe, dare to question, you cannot help by be inspired and inspire:-)!

You see, many people spend their lives feeling they know better and they deserve better, and yet, they choose, consciously or not;-) to remain on the same know-better-deserve-better step, without ever moving away from it…and when they do (move) it is just to make sure they are still on it (the same step) :-)!

In their stories, they talk about stepping up, and their language is awash with messages only a trained ear can spot;-)! Messages that imply that someone else needs to build that next step for them, i.e. someone they can later blame for the height, shape, texture of the step;-)!

And while waiting for the next step to be built, they play a pick and choose game…Picking someone else’s dream, choosing someone else’s idea, only to be disappointed again and blaming someone else…again!

We can never be happy nor fulfilled, nor can we live our lives fully and authentically, if we don’t ask ourselves two simple and yet very important questions: ‘Who am I? and What do I want?’

Have a truly amazing weekend,


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