Weekly Food for Thought – Of Beauty in the Now

‘Travelers, it is late. Life’s sun is going to set.
During these brief days that you have strength,
 be quick and spare no effort of your wings.’ ~ RumiDear Friends,

The beginning of my working week finds me at a beautiful and tranquil spot on the Adriatic coast.

Sitting by the sea, relaxing, with only the sound of the occasional seagull and waves crushing against the rocks…Perfect setting, and one of those rare unpolluted moments… Moments created by nature, and enjoyed by me:-)!

Be in the moment

I’ve had many similar moments in my life, however, I must admit that this one carries something special with it… I have no idea of what it is, it just feels right, aligned, and perfectly perfect…And you know what, unlike previous times, where I risked spoiling a beautiful moment by analyzing it, this time round, I have no desire to dig deep and uncover the source of my joy!

I am here, enjoying the sun, with the man I love, and allowing all of my senses to soak up the beauty of this precious moment! It feels like my whole being is applauding and jumping with joy:-)!

It feels the whole Universe has descended on this beautiful spot, where I happen to be this very moment:-)! I love it!

Most of us are always running, rushing, meeting deadlines, often unaware of the beauty that surrounds us! The beauty is there, wonderful moments also, they beg to be noticed and enjoyed…by us;-)!

With this in mind, I wish you a wonderful week, and wonder what beautiful moments will grab your attention?!


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