Weekly Food for Thought – Of Bathing and Laundering

‘The wound is the place where the Light enters you.’ ~ RumiDear Friends,

It has been an interesting month. A challenging month. A month of holidaying, working, learning and being tested.

A month that has flown by, and a month where I’ve met some wonderful people, a soul mate, and a month where I learnt that even my mum, a Super Woman, couldn’t escape Mr. Cancer!

It came, crept in, unannounced and decided to give her a little warning…A reminder, if you like, that life is to be sampled like the most delicious and scrumptious delicacy, and not something that is there to be rushed!

My mum rushed. Everywhere. Never late for anything. Always prepared and ready. She ran before the wind…And while she was running, she couldn’t run away from cancer. It caught up with her.

Embracing the change and embracing yourself

The worst is over, she is out of the hospital, and at home enjoying wheatgrass, green drinks, reading, and enjoying life. Appreciating it and seeing it through different eyes. She has become a little selfish, and I like that. Before she says ‘yes’ she stops, checks with herself and her ‘internal team’ and then proceeds. She is giving herself back to herself. She is loving herself again…

I delighted in witnessing this change in her. A change that was ‘forced’ upon her, a change she didn’t resist. She embraced it, found a higher purpose, learnt to slow down, enjoy every minute of every day…

And while all this was going on, I couldn’t help noticing, that instead of bathing ourselves in the fragrant and healing bath that life is, we very often choose to just laundry ourselves; forgetting that we really only have one shot at life!

With this in mind, I invite you to explore areas of your life where instead of choosing to bathe yourself you choose laundering! Stop, consider it and choose wisely!

I wish you a wonderful week and send you an ocean of love,

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