Weekly Food for Thought – More Than Just A Game

Dear Friends,

On this historic evening, where London, my adopted home town for the past 22 years, is getting ready for the event that took seven years to prepare.

Isn’t it amazing that the whole seven years were invested for ‘mere’ two weeks of fierce competition. It goes to show, that if we want serious results, we must employ serious effort. We must apply ourselves fully, in all areas, without leaving any space unattended.

This past week I’ve been thinking a lot about the importance of being always ready! In fact, this was the opening line of an interview I had with a journalist (interview will be published next week)! I’ll keep you posted.

Ready, set…

There isn’t much fun in pulling our resources in the last minute. Too much energy is wasted, and very little space for a continuous growth is created.

I am inspired with this Olympic Spirit, not only with regards to physical strength, but also with regards to our spiritual, mental and moral virtues.

With this in mind, during the next two weeks, watching the Olympians compete, may I invite you to explore Olympian qualities within you! Where do you excel, and where the growth area might be!

Sending you oceans of love, and keep aiming for gold…this week and beyond:-)!


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