Weekly Food for Thought – Limited or Empowered: The Choice is Yours

‘Emancipate yourself from mental slavery; none but ourselves can free our minds.’ ~Bob Marley

Dear Friends,

Last weekend, at the workshop I delivered, we talked about limiting beliefs, and how we allow them to stand in the way of our life’s purpose. How our life’s message gets buried in the ocean of limiting self talk and self-sabotage…

Limiting beliefs, supported by internal dialogue and a limiting self-talk, can play havoc and seriously impact our performance, and thus stop us from living an inspired life.

When ‘practiced’ regularly they gain strength, become our story, our identity. In other words they become us. Whether we are consciously aware of them or not, becomes secondary. The main point is they are here and they are crippling us.

So, how do we rid ourselves from them? How do we turn them into empowering beliefs?


Free your mind

First, identify one big limiting belief that you’ve been carrying with yourself the longest. Write down what is missing in your life as a result of your decision to ‘keep’ this limiting belief.  Who are you not, as a result of this limiting belief? What don’t you have, that you may have otherwise had?

Once you have done this, search for a new empowering belief, the one that will overwrite the old one and make it completely disappear.

Immerse yourself in this new empowering belief. Do it regularly, as you deserve to be the example of excellence for yourself, and inspire others to follow your example.

I wish you a wonderfully empowering and inspirational weekend!


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