Weekly Food for Thought – Life Requires Practice

‘You too must mingle my friends// since the earth and the sky are mingled// just for you and me’ ~ Rumi

Dear Friends,

However strange this phrase may sound, Life, with its ups and downs, has both internal and external aspect. Some people take it at face value and choose to accept it as it is, without much input or creativity.

Two sides of one

Seemingly there are two lives, internal (thoughts, internal dialogue, meditation) and external (friends, family, professional life, everyday life, interests, hobbies).

Most people, instead of connecting these two lives, have a habit of confronting them. These two lives ought to be put into action, they yearn to intertwine, they ought to learn to love one another, to support one another and not create some kind of isolated oasis.

Given that these two lives belong to you, wouldn’t it be nice to merge them into one?! When these two lives learn to love one another, support one another, you too will benefit from it.

Some people invest more in one aspect of their life and neglect the other. It is essential that we bear in mind the fact that both internal and external life are in essence one, and if we continue to ignore one, and glorify the other, we will feel unfulfilled.

With this in mind, I wish you an inspiring and creative weekend!


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