Weekly Food for Thought – Keep on Searching, Baby :-)

‘Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.’ ~ RumiDear Friends,

Whenever you feel there’s something missing in your life, stop for a moment, and get an insight into your current situation, and decide to turn things into your favor!

Now you can act

The feeling that something is missing, can easily be flipped and turned into conscious awareness, and it is an expression of a strong inner desire to achieve that which you miss the most.

Think of it as a sign, a valuable and healing message that your unconscious is sending you. Nothing is missing, nothing is lost – everything exists within the realm of now… It is just that our potential should be awaken!

And in that awaken, moving and dynamic state the sense of fulfillment is being achieved, and the process of continuously pushing the barriers and raising the bar starts to bring results.

As a rule, that which we seek the most is already present in our lives…It’s just that it’s in the form that we don’t yet recognize. The moment we stop to so intensely look for it on the outside, we’ll find it on the inside, within ourselves.

With this in mind, may I invite you to continue the search for that gold key within you. At times it can be easily found, and at times the search may take longer… However, the important thing is to keep searching and to never give up!

I wish you a wonderful week and send you oceans of love,


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