Weekly Food for Thought – Jung & Pay It Forward

Dear Friends,

You will, have, no doubt, heard and said many times before, a phrase: ‘There are no coincidences’. At times, this phrase can sound a bit empty, meaningless even. These coincidences, on the surface have no real origin. They are spiritual in nature, possibly driven by cause and effect, and are omnipresent. We just need to be open and let them happen. And when they appear, that is what we call authentic Jungian coincidence.

Alongside this type of coincidences, there are bizarre, everyday ones, those that happen to all of us; and it is becoming increasingly ‘fashionable’ to announce them as events of a ‘higher’ nature? And you will agree that, there’s no real criterion to differentiate Jungian synchronicity from everyday coincidences, in an academic, theoretical way, at least.

I believe that authentic Jungian synchronicity is the one that links our unconscious intention and creates possibilities for new and unexpected events. These events, albeit unexpected appear to be linked by an invisible thread?

And this very kind of magical synchronicity started happening to me last week, and reached its highest point over the weekend!

One thing led to another

Anyways, the end of a busy working week, has lead me to Montenegro, where I decided to spend the weekend exploring the beauty of the Adriatic coast. All senses, all receptors, my Unconscious were open and at the ready?! And then, the magic started to unfold…

A simple event, put in motion another event, and paved the way for yet another, and another, and then a whole series of synchronicities! At one point I began to feel as Jung has decided to spend the weekend with me?!

To an uneducated eye, a series of events that was unfolding before my very eyes, would’ve been ‘nothing’ special…I however could see the point behind these events?!

You see, when a plethora of Jungian events starts to dance the most enchanting dance right in front of you, you feel, with every atom of your being, that there’s something higher, something that carries a real meaning, going on. This is not an event that will satisfy a profane and by default comment that  ‘There are no coincidences’!

So here’s this weekend’s example: when, on your walk by the beach, (engaged in thoughts of random acts of kindness and planning a Pay It Forward schedule for Eastern Europe), a shadow of a late French doctor of Serbian descent, appears, the very doctor, who did so many random kind acts of kindness, both in Serbia, Montenegro, France, and later in Africa, in Mali; the man who was practically living his life along the principles of Pay It Forward, (long before Pay It Forward movement was born), and in steps a ghost of an African Princess Kadi, the late doctor’s wife, in a place called Kindness (Dobrota in Montenegrin), you begin to appreciate all that Jung is doing for you?! To top the whole experience off, after the most magical weekend, I got and an invite for a drink with one of the prominent art collectors who supports and promotes young and up and coming artists…All this and, in a weirdly wonderful way, I get to be involved in these beautiful Jungian synchronicites?!

I send you oceans of love and I wish you a week of wonderful synchronicites!


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