Weekly Food for Thought – Good Old Habits…

‘If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you always got!’ ~ Unknown

Dear Friends,

It has been an interesting week. A week in which new friendships were born, new ideas emerged, seeds for new habits sown…

Habits…Good old habits…or not so good?!

Anyway, as I was preparing for a two-week absence and a full immersion into the world of New Code NLP, I was reminded about some habits of mine that in the past were useful and have made a great difference to my life!

The time has come though to replace them with some new ones, or simply upgrade them. As, like with everything else in life, we change, our psychology shifts, and our habits or daily rituals need to change as well.

Most times, we keep them out of ‘habit’;-), even when we know that they no longer serve us in their current role. We have, if you like, trapped them and imprisoned them in the role that has been assigned to them, back in the days when they were needed.

Sometimes, the biggest limitation to our growth and expansion can be those very habits that have outgrown their purpose, and the sooner we change, tweak or upgrade them, the better.

Are there any habits you are holding a prisoner, and are they the ‘convenient’ reason why you are moving at a slower than expected pace?!

Sending you oceans of love,

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