Weekly Food for Thought – From Words into Actions Straight into the New Year

“For every state there is a way of breathing.”~ Thomas Bjorge

Dear Friends,

Last week we shared with you a number of steps on how to improve the quality of yourself and your life in 2013. One of these was to examine the best states you were in during 2012; to find the states which generated your most successful behaviors during the previous year, and to bring them with you into 2013.

Fortunately there is a discreet yet very effective way to access good states: you can simply breathe like you do when you are in them!

We invite you to try this simple, yet very powerful exercise, which we share with our participants during our training seminars and workshops.

Just breathe

Pick a state you wish to experience, for example a state of curiosity; a state of being motivated to learn, and simply start to breathe as you do when you already are curious and motivated to learn.

We can hear some of you thinking: “But I don’t know how I breathe when I am motivated to learn something.” And that may to some extent be true, but your body knows, and if you have the intention to breathe as you do when you feel intense motivation and just allow your body to find the way it breathes when you are motivated to learn, it will, gradually and step by step, find the right way to breathe.

And you will notice that when you breathe the way which is associated with motivation you will indeed feel motivated, you will BE motivated.

If you have decided that your 2013 will be a year in which the brand new you will turn up and shine, we invite you to take some time right now and experiment with and experience this exercise.

Find what you already know

Exercise: In your recollection of the events of the year 2012 go hunting for those states which were brilliant shining stars of excellence, some of them might even have been so good that you temporarily forgot about them, and when you find one of the really good states take a few moments to explore how you breathe when you are in it. Practice breathing this way in order to invoke the state. Then all you have to do when you want to switch states is to start breathing like in the state you want to be in. Simple, elegant and very powerful exercise that brings results.

The result of doing this exercise regularly will be a palette of states of excellence which you can access and use to paint a far brighter, more colorful 2013.

And the next year will be just the start…

Wishing you the most extraordinary year yet, and sending you oceans of love,

Your thriving trainers,
Lidija and Thomas

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