Weekly Food For Thought – Curiosity Cures Mediocrity

‘A wonderful gift may not be wrapped as you expect!’~ Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Dear Friends,

It has been an interesting week…

What a privilege to spend time with and observe the crème de la crème of NLP!

To see and hear what is possible after mastery and a lifetime of curiosity, learning and training.

While observing and taking note of the elegance with which some of the NLP processes were performed by Dr. Grinder and Carmen Bostic St. Clair, we couldn’t help but notice that not everybody in the audience, including some self-proclaimed NLP trainers, appreciated the mastery that was demonstrated in front of their very eyes and ears. And this time, like many times before, in similar situations, pearls of wisdom (processes in this case) were wasted!

Frustration as a sign

Oftentimes, people get frustrated when confronted with excellence, because excellence does not conform to their blinding expectations of what excellence should be. And this is precisely the point: if excellence did conform to their expectations, there would be nothing to learn.

And indeed: frustration can be a sign that there is something of high value going on, a pattern that conscious mind cannot compute.

Notice the similarity of this situation in a learning context with the situation of the modeler in the modeling context. If a person attempts to model a genius, using preconceived notions, conscious mind categories, he will end up with a model of his own categories and miss exactly those things that make the genius fly.

Only by letting go of the conscious mind’s filters, assuming for a moment that this is possible, can real learning take place.

Of course, this does not apply to you, gentle reader, or us, but we know that you have observed other people being so stuck in their own idea about reality that they failed to learn, that they rejected fabulous material which was presented right in front of their very eyes and ears.

So if one becomes too attached to one’s ideas about reality, one risks getting stuck in a mud of me me me me me-diocrity!

When you contemplate areas in your life where your sense of quality has been evolving, you will most certainly start to appreciate the curiosity that is the key component to learning.

So with this in mind, may we invite you to spend some time this weekend, and give yourself a gift of opening up to the possibility that there is excellence all around you. And even though you might be a practitioner, a coach, or even a trainer, you are predominantly a learner, a student and an evolving human being.

Here’s to constant and never ending curiosity!

Wishing you a wonderful week!

Curiously yours,

Lidija and Thomas

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