Weekly Food for Thought – Coach Coach Where Art Thou :-)

Dear Friends,I’d love to start this note, by saying how much I love exercising:-)!

Some days more than others…permission to be human, please;-)!

And as with many things in my life, when I do something for a while, unless I take it up a notch, or unless I introduce a dose of variety, I get bored:-)! The same happened with my gym routine:-)! I got bored by getting the same results, and decided to hire a personal trainer! I searched and I found:-).

Great guy, a professional athlete, and someone who knows his stuff! A real coach – he spurs me on even when I am beat and gasping for air:-)!

And while happily exercising and learning about the muscles I didn’t know existed;-), I started thinking about the advantages and maybe disadvantages of having a coach or mentor!

Being your own coach

Because, most times, we ‘think’ we know how to do stuff, and in so doing, we can create more damage to ourselves than good! When I train alone, a couple of millimeters in posture/standing/weights can make all the difference.

Being coached how to do things right is priceless, however long it takes to get it right! A word of warning though – we must monitor our progress carefully, and make sure that our relationship with exercise and a coach doesn’t become addictive. If that happens, spontaneity out of exercising can be taken away, and a fun activity can turn into a chore!

I noticed this pattern developing in me. I noticed how, after a while, I went and did the training even tough I didn’t feel like it! I noticed that other activities, especially tennis, were put on the back burner, there was no variety and what’s interesting, is that I stopped enjoying going to the gym:-)!

So, I decided to break this pattern, and exercise with my coach a couple of times a week, and the rest of the week, I get to be my own coach:-)!

And boy, did I become creative:-)! And the results didn’t stop because I stopped training with my coach 6 days a week! It was a great example of turning from being at the effect, in a way, to being at cause:-)! And the feeling is amazing!

So with this in mind, may I invite you to think about stuff in your life that you may be doing by default, where you are at the effect, and where you could easily turn it to be at cause:-)!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend, and sending you oceans of love!


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