Weekly Food for Thought – Bad vs. Mediocre

Dear Friends,

This week was all about Paying it Forward and doing random acts of kindness. No matter how big or small, they contribute to our world and to its betterment.

Luckily, I was brought up in a family, where Pay It Forward was and still is the only way my family and I know. It was reinforced this week, where I had the opportunity to pay it forward in various ways, which resulted in some very interesting conversations.

There is way too much selfishness and lack of human connection in the world we live in. What I notice is that some people have become wary of one another. Scared to be good and do good.

The new breed

This behavior has given way to a new breed of people. That new breed is – mediocrity. We live in the world where mediocrity, mediocre deeds and results are glorified.

This got me thinking, that basic characteristics of mediocrity are lack of responsibility, the absence of awareness for the social progress and wellbeing, and a huge non-critical ambition. These characteristics are a product of a cellular level structure and therefore can be dangerous. Those individuals who nourish mediocrity are, sadly, not aware of it. These characteristics feed of one another and at the same time contradict one another.

You see, when something is bad, it has a chance to become good; because bad can only stay in that state for a limited period of time, before it becomes aware that things must change. And so, bad changes, and makes a progress towards becoming good. Mediocrity, on the other hand, doesn’t! Why? Because, mediocrity is based on glorifying its own average existence, while feeding the illusion of grandeur. In such existence, there’s very little, or no room for change.

With this in mind, I invite you to spend a week Paying it Forward and be aware of those mediocre structures in your environment – we all have them, it is just a question of recognizing them and moving and acting beyond them!

Sending you oceans of love,

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