To Copy and Paste or to Create and Thrive?

‘Be yourself. The world worships the original’ ~ Ingrid Bergman

Dear Friends,
Has it ever happened to you that, out of the habit of practicing a ‘by default’ behaviour, opted to copy and paste, rather than create and thrive?
A recent consultation with a client prompted us to think about this ‘by default’ behaviour. Behaviour, where one is not encouraged to create and invent, but rather invited to copy something that already exists. And we couldn’t help but think of a line from the movie ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley’, where one of the characters states: ’…it’s better to be a fake somebody, than a real nobody!’ This sentence is very powerful and poignant.
Think about it…Being born, with all the potentials, all the gifts, and throwing them all away…Without insomuch as attempting to give your wonderful authentic self a shot at being you! You see, copying someone, and not giving yourself a chance to explore what your talents are, who you are, what makes you tick, is akin to throwing your life away!!!
Caveat: Copying is not to be confused with the noble discipline of modeling, a discipline out of which NLP we know today is born.

Golden experience

When we deliver seminars in NLP we often underline the importance of experience as opposed to words. Basically what we do during our seminars is to create situations where people actually experience NLP. And from this experience, competency is born. In fact we find the difference between words and experience so important that we claim that participants in one of our seminars would be able to write a much better NLP book than the average NLP book out there – if one of our participants was to write such a book it would be based on their experience, and not just a copy paste job.
And there is a certain authority that comes with personal experience. If you take someone’s words and translate them into experience, then you really have something of value to contribute. This is the part that too often gets lost in today’s educational systems, where what’s rewarded is the ability to produce words form words, with nothing but logical deduction in between. Producing people who are very good at talking in what passes as an intelligent way in many circles.
No doubt some authors of the copy paste books, on any subject, but most importantly the subject of personal development, NLP, consider themselves modelers. Heck – they’re not plagiarizing, they are practicing modeling. That noble discipline which gave birth to the entire field of NLP.
Well … no … and the difference is simple and deep: first off modeling is capturing the underlying structure in such a way that you can generate NEW behaviors that that belong to the same category as the thing you were modeling. And secondly modeling – at least the sort of modeling which is noble and resulted in NLP takes the route via something deeper than mere verbal descriptions, it takes the route via the ability to actually replicate the phenomena that one models. Without that ability such models are nothing but talk.

Create authentically

With this in mind, may we invite you, to dedicate next week, to digging out all those moments where you chose to create, rather than copy. Stay with them for a while, and notice how you feel. Empowered, inspired and ready for creating some more, we bet?! 🙂 As it is only when we create, that we really exist…
Your creative trainers,
Thomas and Lidija

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