To be or Just Be

‘You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?’ – RumiDear Friends,

And so to Serbia…

I arrived last night, and enjoyed London to Belgrade flight enormously, partly because my Godmother was on it and we had a blast…Laughing, joking, enjoying the NOW, we got to the gate…I couldn’t help but notice long, sad, serious faces of the airline crew, and some of the passengers…It was definitely Belgrade bound flight;-)!

You see, in some cultures, generally, it is ‘fashionable’ to be serious, it is frowned upon when you smile, when you are happy…When you show these two qualities, you are considered ‘easy’, not to be taken seriously…And it is precisely out of these two qualities-happiness and easiness-that our true personality comes to the fore, and we shine!

It made me think, of all those times when situations called for seriousness, and yet I managed to rise above them, and see the other side, the side that is not that bad…it is all in our perception, and in our focus. Energy follows thought, and if we focus on negative, we attract negative, and vice versa.

And so, together with my godmother, we started, at least to us, an interesting topic, of being trapped in the role, wanting to meet the demands and expectations of your environment. Let’s face it, we all want to be loved, we all want to be good enough, we all want to be thought of highly, we all want to be respected…And we don’t want to disappoint!

When I say disappoint, I mean disappoint those who judge us, who put heavy demands on us, who expect us to be what we are not. We are, however, not concerned about disappointing ourselves, living that what we are not, regardless of how painful that might be. I believe that we are perfect as we are, we are beautiful as we are, we are God’s creation and as such flawless, so why the need to be something we are not?!

Who would you rather be?

As I write this the lines from the movie ‘Talented Mr. Ripley’ come to mind, when he (Mr. Ripley) says: ‘It’s better to be fake somebody, than the real nobody!’ It is sad, lonely, isolated existence, and I invite you, if you haven’t already seen the movie, to see it. I’ll let you imagine though, what the final outcome is when you don’t live your truth, when you live your life according to someone else’s values…

And, needless to say, neither my godmother, my close friends, people I surround myself with, are not pretending that this is the most righteous way to live; however, we are confident that those we come across, those whose lives we touch, are encouraged to see the other side, the side where smile, laughter, happiness, positive energy and outlook overflow… It is easy to be happy, anyone can do, and yet the perennial question hovers above us: ‘Why all those serious, grumpy people don’t do it, why are they afraid to contribute to the joy of life?!’

With this in mind, I invite you to contemplate which side you belong to? Meditate, chant, do yoga, play chess, Be…you’ll find the answer! And if it is anything than the ‘right’ side, change it! It costs nothing to be you and embrace your awesomeness!
I wish you a joyful weekend and ocean of love,
Lidija x

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