The power of a team

“A single arrow is easily broken, but not ten in a bundle.” – Japanese proverb
Dear Friends,
Have you ever found yourself helped and supported by your friends in your career, dreams, visions? We hope you have, if not perhaps you should upgrade your friends … 
Wow, what a couple of weeks this has been! Hectic days in Greece searching for a location for our upcoming NLP on the beach seminar ( in October. Visiting different beaches, looking at different hotels, testing different restaurants – not a holiday; real work – enjoyable, yes. But real work. And finally we found a very good location with crystal blue water just beside the green lush nature, in a five star resort at two star prices for our participants!
And then, immediately following Greece delivering a couple of lectures at the Medical Faculty in Nis, Serbia, during the conference ‘New trends in nephrology’. It is an interesting experience to talk about NLP strategies and how it can help in curing psychosomatic illnesses, to doctors, in an environment where every other presentation is made on powerpoint with graphs and statistics. We are proud to report that our lectures got a great reception and were even more pleased when doctors expressed interest in attending our training seminars.
But what really impressed us during the conference was the psychology of the person who organized the event and who invited us to speak – a noted academic and professor Spira Strahinjic. A living legend. An 88 year old visionary with the energy, ideas and attitude of a 25 year old! What a role model! He has made, and is still making, a great and lasting impact on medical practice worldwide!
How did he manage to do all he did, was simple, as he puts it – he choose the right team of people, yet before that he had a good internal team! Now that is where the trick is ;-).

The selection

You see, some people choose a career, a field of interest and work work work … And occasionally they accomplish something … Some more than others, yet very often you hear how some of them would complain that they do all the work, and that their team sucks … That is largely true, as choosing a team is very close to an art form. It requires a special skill.
In order to make our dreams a reality, having an inner team is very important, as it largely decides on how we choose the external one. When we know what our values are, what our standards are, what our intentions are, for ourselves and within ourselves, then choosing a team and making the right selection is very easy.
Many of us like to be self-sufficient. We like to do things on our own. But consider how much more Rembrandt accomplished by having a team of assistants. Where would Henry Ford be without the right team, or Steve Jobs, or Richard Branson …
But often the team is invisible to the external world. Whether it is an institutional team – it is common that people who have made a name for themselves work at the same place as others who have made a name for themselves – or it is a home team; there is an old joke which illustrates this point: Hilary and Bill Clinton were driving on some presidential errand when they stopped to get gas for their vehicle. Hilary went inside the gas station and stayed for a long time, speaking smilingly with the manager, every once in a while tossing her hair back. When she came back to the car president Clinton asked her – who was that? – Oh, that was Mr So-and-so, and old flame of mine… The president thought about it for while, then he said with a smile – So, imagine that Hilary, if you had married him you would had been married to a gas petrol station manager. Hilary however simply answered – No, Bill. If I had married him, I would be married to the President of the United States.

The inner team

So with this in mind, may we invite you to consider this critical factor that is the key to any success – the team within. How is your inner team? Take some time this week to check in and see what is the state of your value system, are standards constantly met, are your intentions clear, is there a good communication flow between the Conscious and Unconscious? Do all the members of your inner team pull in the same direction? Or do they pull you in different directions? Are they attempting to pull you in the same direction, but do so in an uncoordinated fashion, so that they sabotage each other? 
What would it be like if they were able to cooperate seamlessly? And find a way to spend some time considering the state of your external team? Who do you surround yourself with? Does your external team inspire you? Move you? Motivate you?
If you want to spend some time with a great group of people and explore how to get your inner team in order you are welcome to join us in Greece for our NLP practitioner on the beach ( – or if you simply cannot wait until October, join us already this weekend in Belgrade for our Momentum NLP diploma.
Wishing you a wonderful week and sending you oceans of love,
Your playing-for-the-team trainers,
Thomas and Lidija


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