Popcorn for the Soul – Stand in your power. It’s sacred

Stand in your power. It’s sacred

How often do you find yourself longing to stay in your power, in your truth and then old patterns turn up, uninvited and before you know it, you are back to square one…

Old friends guilt, anger, sadness, shame start popping up and you find yourself taking responsibility not for your feelings, your desires, your wants, but responsibility for others, worrying about how they’ll see you, how they’ll interpret and judge your state…in short, you start judging yourself.

And trust me, judging ourselves is the easiest path we can take, but it isn’t a path that leads to growth, it isn’t the path that offers solutions…it is a dead end, cul-de-sac, a tunnel with no light…

I remember my judging me days…They served no purpose, and yet were so addictive. Being in the never ending crazy eight of judging and feeling less than, can take you to the exact place from which you are trying to run away.

You see, making a distinction between self-deprecation and judging, and being constructive, compassionate, and offering with love, are two different things.

The first one is a silent killer of all that is great about you, and the second one is the path that can take you to the life you actually deserve.

Choosing to stay in the judgement takes away your power, your essence, your strength…it takes you further away from your purpose, and you may find yourself looking for shortcuts, hiding in the world of quick fixes and instant solutions. Escaping to the safe world of excuses.

Or escaping to the safe world of judging someone else! (Nothing like a little drama to create a diversion from your feelings)

Or escaping to the safe world of victimhood. (If you suffer enough you must certainly be blameless.)

No, No, NO! None of these are routes that lead to your greatness.

And there is another way.

Quietly assume responsibility for the enormous power you wield.

These are five steps you want to take:

One – be yourself. Fully. And have your own experience.
In our seminars we teach how to cleanly separate between your own experience and that of others. This is extremely important. A lot of people perceive the world through a mishmash of different people’s values instead of their own clean powers of discernment.

Two – you want to understand how others experience the world and specific situations. We teach extremely powerful techniques to accomplish this. When you really understand how other people experience a situation – without being trapped in their worldview – it gives you much more empowered choices.

Three – you want to be able to observe yourself from the outside, in a detached and loving manner. When people at our seminars learn how to do this they become able to correct behaviors they are not pleased with. Instead of fruitlessly blaming themselves.

Four – realize that you are the reason you are where you are in your life.
This is not the time to go into a litany about how other people didn’t act the way they should have (they didn’t), how the system is rigged against you (it is) or how the universe is unjust (it is).
Nor is it the time to belittle or blame yourself. (Even if it is true that if we got to give the person responsible for most of our troubles a proper ass kicking we wouldn’t be able to sit for at least a week.)

This is the time to exercise accurate thinking. This is the time to realize that your way of being, your intentions and your actions have led you to exactly where you are right now.

Once you really “get” how you have co-created your life experience you will be ready for the next step:

Five – quietly step back into your power. Up until now you have co-created the life you have lived up until now.

Now it is time to start wielding your power to create more of the life and the experiences you want. Remembering of course that compassion, love and acceptance are very powerful paths to power.

Stand in your power – it is sacred – your power is the key to living your real life.

Sending you powerful oceans of love
Lidija and Thomas

P.S. And if you want to accelerate your journey to stand in your power we look forward to seeing you in one of our seminars or workshops – exclusive accelerated International NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner courses in London (January 2017) and Brussels (May 2017). For more information, please contact us at info@momentum-strategies.com