Popcorn for the Soul – Big dreams, small dreams and good life

Dear Friends,

Earlier today, waiting for my yoga class to start, I couldn’t help but overhear a conversation by two yogis. One is Spanish, she owns a little place on the north coast of Spain and will move there in two years’ time. And as I was listening, I kind of mind read what the next sentence was going to be … yep, you’ve guessed it – a yoga retreat! … followed by … yep, you’ve guessed it again – it’s good to have dreams! … to which the other yogi nodded in agreement.

Now, don’t get me wrong, yoga retreats and dreams are good things. It’s just that far to often people dream about things that they don’t really want or desire. The dreams are nothing but a vehicle to escape the present and moving into something that sounds good, that looks good … from the outside.

In the world where everyone is planning, dreaming big, did we forget to infuse a bit of authenticity into our dreams … What do we really want? People talk as if we had only two options: same old or a total game changer; stay small or dream big; stagnation or total reinvention.

And people talk as if only a total freaking game changer lives a life worth living.

Well, excuse me, but what if we want to dream small?

What would happen if we just wanted to have a quiet peaceful fulfilling life? What if we gave up on other people’s agenda on what our dreams should be? What if we went inside and checked within? What do we really want? And how do we want it?

Throughout history, there are numerous examples of people who followed their bliss, who created the highest quality life for themselves, and provided the people who encountered them with the highest quality of experience, yet, only selected group new about them, and were allowed into their innermost circle.

This world is overflowing with messages encouraging megalomaniac tendencies, telling us to dream big humongous dreams, telling us that if a dream doesn’t scare you it’s not worth your time and effort.

The underlying message is far too often that you are not good enough as you are right now. And that the only way for you to become worthy is to live up to some external super standard.

So many of these messages encourage and seduce us into losing contact with ourselves. Into not listening to our own inner voice of wisdom. Into disregarding our feelings (“that’s just the ego speaking”). Into forgetting to honour who we really are.

What does your Soul want?

I am sure that not every Soul wants to be a game changer, life coach, yoga teacher, public speaker, motivational speaker, please feel free to add other popular and currently trending professions.

And how would such a world function. If we had seven billion gurus, teachers, coaches … where would they get their daily cup of cold drip coffee? Where would the world be if it had seven billion game changers like Jobs, Gates, Tesla. And where would they get their coffee?!?

Simply put: some people need to make the coffee. And there is nothing wrong with that. Brewing coffee is honourable. And it can even be hipsterish. Some people devote their life to master coffee making, raising the game into an art form and totally change the way we drink and enjoy coffee.

And this brings me to my favourite subject: NLP.

Since you are a reader of Popcorn for the Soul I assume that you want more than just to learn to talk about some watered down version of it, to be able to regurgitate what someone else has said.

Do you want to achieve true mastery of the field, mastery to the level where you are exploring its edges and maybe even contribute something significant, leaving a legacy for future generations.

Or do you want to use it to revolutionize some other field – to achieve some big dream … some big dream that IS in alignment with your soul!

Or do you simply want to use it to nurture your small dreams. To do what you love, lovingly, and to create a good life experience for yourself and those that are near and dear to you?

Think about… Do you want to dream, or do you want to shift the paradigm on dreaming…

So, this time, sending you a SMALL ocean of love

Lidija and Thomas

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