Popcorn for the Soul – Are You Tired of Pretending

Are You Tired of Pretending

Failure is hiding out from your truth.

Failure. Success. Hot topics. Many opinions. Theories abound.

You see, the more you pretend, the more you have to keep hiding who you really are. No need to pretend. Everything is exactly how it is supposed to be.

I see people on social media pretending they have it all totally sussed out. Everything is wow! Fantastic! Awesome! Just don’t rock the boat! Just keep everything on the surface level. As long as you don’t shake things up you are cool. Everything is fab!

Go round in circles. Recycle positive affirmations. Everything is ok. Serve half-baked lies, that masses lap up. Entertain the masses with unlived and recycled stories and experiences, fascinate those who believe that true salvation lies in the faking game of life.

And on the outside, that may even look super cool. It’s easy, commercial, and it looks as if it requires nothing from your end…It may even look convincing…but when you know the story behind the la la land and the pretense in which the story is wrapped in, when you know how much acting, faking, embellishment is involved in creating the illusion of ‘everything is fab in my life, y’all’, things start to look a bit different.

The more you put out that false version of you, the more you’ll have to pretend and keep up that lie alive…There is a cost to that. There is a cost to saying: ‘hey look at me I’ve got it all sussed out, but in reality, you are suffering!

Make it easy on yourself! Face the truth of what is really happening… You created this illusion, this story of this imaginary life of yours…and some innocent poor souls are buying into it.

So, how about this…I invite you to take a deep, long look at your life, a Soul Selfie of sorts.

Pick just one area: your relationship, your health, your finances, your lifestyle. Heck, maybe even your level of participation in life. I invite you to look and get honest about what is actually going on in your life, and start living from there.

If you want true relationship, true success, a comfortable bank account, confidence to reveal the best version of yourself, if you want to lose those kilos and get a healthy radiant body, showing up as who you are is the key.

Failure is hiding out from your truth.

Hiding out from who you are. Until you own up and face YOU, you’ll always be a prisoner of that illusion that you have created, of that lie that you are living.

Unchain yourself from the shackles of that illusion. Show up for your truth! Release your truth. Release YOU!

You’ll get to inhale life easily! You’ll get to experience the lightness of being YOU! And let’s face it, you’ll get to step into those skinny jeans and skimpy bikinis sans drama!

Here’s to Living Light! Here’s to living your Momentum!

Lidija M Rosati – Amazon Bestselling Author – Gaining While Losing – The Gentle Art of Transformation

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