Popcorn for the Soul – Try, Don’t Try and All That Jazz


Aren’t you fed up with the old NLP paradigm that ‘try’ is a forbidden word! Thou must not venture into the land of trying, as you’ll end up a loser…Those who try never really do!

Yeah, I hear you, and maybe it was like that in the old days of the personal development… But times, they are changing my friends, and if we want to move with times it is imperative that we change with times, embrace the change each rare brings and evolve…Thus my musings on trying vs. doing!

Every doing has started with a trying! And unless we try we won’t know if we are capable of doing! And so enough of this do not try nonsense! Action, comparing, I-can- do-better-than-you, and I-must-at-all-costs-go-and-do-and-achieve-and-compete-until-I burn-out…Until I turn into a dead plant inside with a plastic smile and an empty gaze!

This mindset and psychology of pushing and not knowing when to stop, not listening to the Soul, to the inner GPS is really creating addicts who are all about instant hit, instant solutions… Instant solutions work only as part of a long weeding out process, digging out old limiting beliefs, old patterns, inherited meanings!

Once you have dug out your inner garden, than it’s easy to maintain it. Then you can pull the ‘quick fix’ card! Except that you won’t want to do that. Those who are really interested in living their Soul’s purpose are not interested in quick fixes. They enjoy the journey…The longer the journey, the more layers of themselves they get to discover…Different intentions, Soul’s goals! And when this happens, only a silly person will want to look for shortcuts!

So, before you get on a quick fix competitive bandwagon, where action, action, action with a scary loud voice is deafening your Soul’s song, stop and ask yourself: So what if I try, and don’t succeed? At least I’ll get a feedback! So what if I listen to myself, and maybe give up on something that at one point was important, but no longer resonates with me? So what?!

Honour your Soul! Make goals in alignment with Soul!

Try it…You may even decide to do it ;-)!

Have a beautiful day!

Lidija & Thomas

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