Popcorn for the Soul – What are you choosing?

What are you choosing?

What you need to consider when making a choice

Who is in your team? Who are you currently in a relationship with? What about your career? Are the people you surround yourself with the right fit? Are you growing, expanding, transforming, while they are still happy in the world of words sans action? Are those people, jobs, partners, aligned with your highest intention? Do you want the same thing? How do you make your choices? What do you put up with daily?

There is no end to questions, and analysis is always a fun thing to engage in, but there comes a time when you have to say ‘thank you brain’, and say ‘hello high heart’!

Why? There are many reasons why, but one that resonates the most is probably the one that the heart knows best, and the brain, when left to its own devices, tends to find million and one excuse, just to stay in the cosiness of what is safe, familiar and predictable. You know, something along the lines of…better the devil you know, than the one you don’t 😉! That’s why many organisations are stuck with the teams that have stopped growing, many relationships have passed their best before date, as their intentions and visions are not aligned with one another.

You see, we are programmed to choose partners, careers, teams, based on the values we hold, rather than based on our deep desires.

And while there is nothing wrong with the values, sometimes getting the buzz and juiciness and excitement that choices based on desires bring, is mind-blowing and brings out the cosmic expansion, where every cell in your body rejoices and jumps with joy!

Remember the last time you made a decision based on your desires? Whether it was a job, partner, hobby, a dress, a holiday… How did that feel? What else was possible in your life once you made that decision from the place of desire?

You see when we make choices based on desires, fear is replaced with absolute certainty, trust and faith. And you will agree that these are all high vibrational states, that bring about the best in you and of you!

The reason why I am musing on this topic of choices, intentions, alignment, is a chat I had with someone this week, that left me a bit puzzled.

And while I have no desire to solve the puzzle, I was inspired to think about the above-mentioned topics…

And I was left wondering…do Ferrari makers spend time listening about the latest gadgets Trabant is introducing to their line and would that improve the quality of Ferrari or…😜?

When you are directing all your energy and resources towards one thing, you will want to make an inventory. A smart one. Who and what do you allow to stop you and veer off course, and who and what lifts you up and t tally gets you?

For God’s sake, you are building a Ferrari, and they are offering you a paper Trabant model!

Keep elevating!


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