Popcorn for the Soul – Your finest hour

MungerDear Friend,

How wisely do you use your most valuable time? You have 24 hours every day, but they are not all created equal. Some of them you will be able to focus and create and work with joy and ease, while some of them you will have to work hard just to pretend to be working.

And we are not talking about motivation here. Soldiers who manually sweep the terrain for landmines are able to keep their concentration up to the maximum for 20-30 minutes, and then find it starting to drift. Even the fact that they may be blown to pieces at any moment is not enough to make them focus. So they take a break in order to be able to continue in a focused fashion and in order to survive.

But what we are after here is slightly different. It is the discovery and utilization of your most productive time during the day.

Let us give you an example. Warren Buffet has topped the list of the world’s richest during many years. His second in command is Charlie Munger. Now, when Charlie Munger was a young man, working as a lawyer he made maybe 20 dollars an hour. And he decided that he was his own most valuable client. So he decided to sell one hour to himself every day. “I would sell the best hour of the day to myself.” And he would take his peak performance hour and invest it in self education and thinking. “And only after improving my mind – only after I’d used my best hour improving myself – would I sell my time to my professional clients.” Even if Charlie Munger is not as rich as Warren Buffet this was a strategy that paid off for him.

What do you invest your most precious time in?

Most people have a couple of peak periods during every day. We are sure that you recognize that there are times when you are so much more on top of your game than other times. But how do you use them? Do you use them wisely? Do you invest them in yourself, in your most important project, in what will give you the largest long term results?

And this is where the deck is stacked against you. The world is full of temptations and demands, almost as if it was designed to force and trick you away from using your most valuable time on anything valuable.

There is the temptation of email (aka other people’s agenda), social media and entertainment – sorry, but it’s not like the people behind popular social media sites or TV shows have your best long term interests in mind. There is also your spouse, your parents, your colleagues, your kids. And the never ending list of things that actually need to be done: supermarket, kitchen, cleaning.

And it is so easy to waste your most valuable hours doing things you should be doing during other times of the day – if at all.

Form an action plan

Fortunately the remedy is a rather straightforward 3 step action plan.

Step 1: Identify your most productive time periods during the day. For a lot of people this is the very start of the day. For others it’s around lunch. And others again find the time after everyone finally has left the office to be when they are most powerful. If you do not already know when you are potentially the most productive – keep track of it during this week.

Step 2: Identify the most important use of your time. If you do not already know what the most important use of your time is … well, then it’s probably to figure out what the most important use of your time is. 🙂

Step 3: Do the most important thing during your best hours.

Wishing you a wonderful week full of wonderful hours and sending you oceans of love!

Your happy hour trainers,
Lidija & Thomas

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