Popcorn for the Soul – Time of Your Life

‘This is your time… Follow your Soul, follow your heart, and allow yourself to misbehave with stylish abandon!’ ~ Lidija Markovic Rosati

022Dear Friends,

How are you? Are you looking forward to the shortest month of the year? At least if you don’t get to do everything you set your mind/body to do, you can blame it on February…

Come on, if only we had three more days, we could’ve finished that novel, lost 10 kilos, seen 15 friends, and caught up on all the paperwork from three years ago :-)! Am I right?!

It is always, the last few minutes of the race, that distinguish the winner from the rest, the last few grains of salt or sugar, that determine the taste of the dish…?

The point I am attempting to drive across here is this concept of time, that everyone talks about, and very few understand.

What would happen if we forgot about it for a while…As, to be honest, when we procrastinate, that is exactly what we do, we forget about the time. We get sucked into the space where time is irrelevant, and where we forget all that we need to do, and dive straight into the careless-there-is-plenty-of-time abyss.

We’ve all been there, right? If some of you haven’t, I salute you! Although, there is something to be said about the good old living-in-denial method ;-)!

Plan by your own model

You see, when we plan, or talk about our plans, and those plans don’t materialize, we feel bad, our confidence takes a nosedive, and our state changes…and not for the better! What also happens is that we start believing the doubts that have crept in, at the beginning, when we were making those plans. Yes, doubts!!!

A very well know phenomenon occurs when we take our plans with child-like disinterest. We have no strategy. We use the same outdated model of planning. We get analytical. We get on the Ego high horse, and plans get to be not so much about us, not about how we are going to feel, but about others’ perceptions of us. This is the outdated model. Old paradigm. Old school!

And I know that you’d like to know the new model. The model that is cool, sleek, light and has your best interests at heart. The model, that is yours. The model that co-creates. The model that is guiding you, and not the one that pushes you. No one wants to be pushed…We’ve past that stage long time ago…Remember the days you were pushed in the pram :-). That was fun for a while, but isn’t it a lot more empowering to rely on your own two feet. On your own resources. Free from dependence on others!

When we plan without the right strategy, what happens is we start having doubts, we constrict, and energy within us and around us becomes dense, and for things to happen, energy needs to flow, and travel light!

Spontaneously focused activity

Imagine a life where you spontaneously find yourself doing what you should be doing, and it feels as if you are meant to do it (because you are), a life, not without challenges, but a life lived actively! Wouldn’t this be fun? I know it would!

You’ve had the experience, many, many times. The un-reflexive action, when you were a kid and played a ball game. See ball. Run. Kick or catch. There is no over thinking. You ride your bike, and a dog runs in front of you. You don’t think, you swerve. Or you have that conversation with someone, where the words just find their way out of you…You are both lost in the conversation… Remember those experiences? Wouldn’t it be awesome to have more of those states and feelings available to you at a drop of a hat, and that, and as an end result find that they are contributing to what you want to achieve in life?!

Sadly, most people experience these or similar feelings, while they are playing video games, or while they are watching a movie, or reading a book. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with above mentioned activities, it is just that they don’t create long lasting states in you. States, feelings, resources that can help you create and live more fulfilling lives.

So, with this in mind, may we invite you to find a quite place, close your eyes, put some soft music on, and imagine having a light as a feather pan, with an even lighter than the feather piece of paper, breathe in and out a few times, and allow all your muscles to relax…And from that relaxed state, ask your Unconscious to help you create a Soul Strategy, strategy that will be in alignment with all that you are, and all that you currently need. Be light as a feather, and open up and start listening to your Soul. Start learning your Soul’s language. Whatever you happen to ‘write’ on that piece of paper is the right thing. The thing that your Soul desires…Follow your Soul, follow your heart, and allow yourself to misbehave with stylish abandon…

Live a beautiful week!

With all our love,

Lidija & Thomas

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