Popcorn for the Soul – The Dance of Abundance

“Abundance is the quality of life you live and quality of life you give to others.”  – J. K. Rowlings

jk rowlingDear Friends,

This has been an interesting week. We have delivered the second module of one of our NLP practitioner courses – We have the greatest of participants and it’s an amazing experience!

And Lidija has been shortlisted for the prestigious APCTC’s (Association of Professional Trainers, Coaches and Consultants) Trainer of the Year award!!! If you have experienced her awesome way of training and obtaining results, please vote for her at http://www.apctc.com/awards/?coach=479 !
In the meantime, we found a free day in our busy schedule to deliver a workshop on Abundance and we would like to share with you some of our thoughts on this interesting topic:

The universe is abundant!

Not only are scientists discovering planets made of diamond out there, far away, in the universe, but also this planet is rich. Very, very rich. And it’s getting richer. More and more money circulates faster and faster on this planet every year. This means that more and more transactions are taking place. Most of these are for the benefit of both parties taking part in them.
A long time ago getting rich was only a matter of theft – of stealing resources. Since the industrial revolution this is no longer the case. And we are living in the time of yet another revolution – presumably you are reading this text on the internet – and perhaps you even carry the internet in your pocket! The world is full of opportunities – it is easier to learn new things, to create value and to connect with people than EVER before.

It’s all about you.

In one way you are 100 % a victim of circumstance. If you had been born 3000 years ago on another continent your life would have been very different. It’s even questionable if you would have been you!

But there is another way of thinking about this. To take 100 % responsibility for your experience (even if you can never be 100 % responsible for it) To think of your life right now as nothing but the result of the sum of your choices. Your experiences and your life is the result of who you are. Think about it!

And when it comes to abundance it’s all a bit like the old Donald Duck story in which all the money in the world is redistributed. Everybody is given the same amount of money. Uncle Scrooge suddenly doesn’t have any more money than anyone else. The Beagle Boys and Donald the Duck have just as much! Now, what happens in this story? Within a very short amount of time, maybe six months, maybe a year, everybody ends up exactly where they were before. Uncle Scrooge gets super rich again. The Beagle Boys return to their attempts to get their hands on his money. And Donald ends up a wage slave again.

It’s all about your mind!

Your brain creates the world you experience. Contrary to popular belief the act of perception is not a passive one. If you look at the neurons going between the eyes and the visual cortex – what percentage of those would you guess send signals in the direction from the eyes, and how many percent would you guess send signals towards the eyes? The correct answer is 90 % of the neurons send signals TOWARDS the eyes.

What the brain does is build a model of its environment, using readymade building blocks, and then it compares what it has built with the information coming in through the eyes.

To give you an example: if you watch Japanese anime you may come across the word Arumageddon.  Why the ‘U’? Well, to the Japanese letters appear in syllables. The notion of a single ‘R’  is almost unthinkable. Hence the English word ‘Armageddon’ turns into ‘ArUmageddon’.

Now comes the million dollar question. How does a person who creates abundance perceive his environment? How does a person creating scarcity perceive his environment? What are the differences – and which of those differences make the difference?
With this in mind we urge you to spend a few minutes with the following exercise:
Imagine in your mind’s theatre that you can see and hear two versions of yourself. One version which has an extreme scarcity mindset, and one version which has a very good abundance mindset. Momentarily step into the version of you with the scarcity mindset, and first notice how you experience the world when you take on the scarcity mindset, take a few moments to register what things you pay attention to, and how you would act with this mindset. Secondly, take a few moments to notice how and what you, from the perspective of scarcity, think about the version of you with the abundance mindset.
Having done this little exploration of the scarcity mindset, step out of it, and shake it off. Now step into the version of you with the abundant mindset. Imagine being super abundant! First notice how you experience the world through your abundant mindset – what do you pay attention to, and where do you direct your awareness to? What would you DO if you had this abundant mindset – how would you ACT differently in the world? And secondly, when you perceive the world through your abundant mindset, seeing the scarcity version of yourself from the outside, what do you think about that version?

Sending you oceans of love and wishing you a truly abundant week, and please remember, that you are a limited edition, living in an unlimited Universe {Tweet this baby!!!}

Your abundant in all ways ALWAYS trainers
Lidija & Thomas

P.S. Allow us to share with you some amazing insights and tips on abundance, by coming to our NLP workshop ‘Abundant life’ in Belgrade March 15 and Skoplje April 12! For more information, send us an email on info@momentum-strategies, or call us on +381 (0) 64 38 55 255

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