Popcorn for the Soul – Stay away from shortcuts

Hey friends,

14How are you? It’s March already, and as I am enjoying these first springlike days. I cannot help but wonder how time flies. And, how life moves so quickly. And when time moves fast, it’s only natural that we want to move fast. But can we? In all areas of our lives? Maybe. But it ain’t always easy.

The need for speed, for going faster than the wind. For jumping over, for finding shortcuts has always been deeply rooted in all of us.

And, sometimes. It has served us well, but most times it has worked against us.

You see, when the urge appears to jump the hoops, and embrace instant solutions, when you feel that you need to push and elbow your way forward, in order to move from where you are, please stop and think.

Maybe, there is a reason why you need to be where you are. Maybe, staying in that ‘stuck state’ is useful and maybe there are lessons to be learnt from it.

Accept your emotions

Whatever emotions appear when you are in that ‘stuck state’ be with it. Feel it. As every emotion that comes our way, wants to be felt. Wants to be experienced. If you ignore it, it will come to haunt you.

As everything you push aside, everything you show resistance to, will come back again. It will want your attention. And it will be coming back for as long as you avoid it and ignore it.

As, let’s be honest here, it’s impossible to want to climb a mountain, if you haven’t already mastered simple walking.

Getting back to basics is where it’s at. No matter how many times you start, it’s important to start from the basics. Master the basic steps. Experience them. Allow yourself to embody them. As, only once something has gone through you, something you’ve experienced, learnt, something you are already living, can create a platform for the next step.

It is also something you’ll be emitting, from every pore of your being. It is something you cannot fake. As an experience that you’ve lived through, that you’ve experienced, is the one that is yours, that shows, that attracts.

Shortcut is an illusion

It is something that a life of spiritual shortcuts would never be able to do. I’ve talked about spiritual shortcuts before, but is seems to be a recurring theme.

Nature doesn’t take shortcuts. It waits and lives through every season. And that’s why we have luscious greens in Spring, vibrant yellows in Summer, inspiring orange, rust, browns in Autumn and peaceful whites in Winter.

There’s an order that nature follows and listens to. We are not above nature. We are it. And, since that is the case, let’s stop briefly and embrace this moment we are living, this emotion we are feeling and see what they can teach us.

As only when we learn lessons and experience experiences, can we be ready to get to the next level. Forget about quick fixes and instant on the plate solutions. They are illusions and traps. They are tools for strengthening the Ego and not the gentle hands that liberate the Soul!

With this in mind, may I invite you to include in your daily Spiritual practice, a habit of cultivating patience. A habit of gently surrendering to all emotions. Feel them. Embrace them. And allow them to experience you, as you are experience them.

It is about not being hurried and rushed, it is about letting go, of just focusing on what you want. And on opening up non-judgementally to your ongoing experience. On perceiving the present as it is. On perceiving accurately where the paths you are considering, actually lead, on threading wisely.

And on taking pleasure in the small steps and the moments. Enjoy the process. Savour the growth, and rejoice in the knowledge that emotions come to us, because our Soul wants us to experience them!

Live a Soulful week!

Lidija & Tomas

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