Popcorn for the Soul – Quo Vadis?

Freud honestyDear Friend,

“Where are you? Where are you going?” These have been referred to as the sledgehammer questions. Because, let’s face it, it is not necessarily comfortable to think about them. Nevertheless, have a good think for a couple of moments about what you have been doing for the last 24 hours – what will your life be like if you run the last day on autorepeat? What about the last week – where will you end up in a year if you change nothing in your routines? And the last month, the last year – in which direction are you headed, where is your life headed?

It can be like a trap, can it not? Each day places its own demands on your time. And at the end you are too tired to do anything other than watch the latest episode of your favorite guilty pleasure, or…

Where is your way going?

Of course, if your present trajectory is in perfect alignment with how you want to live your life and with what you want to achieve and attain, then there is no problem. To the contrary, that is a cause for constant celebration! – And we hope you are there!

Here is the thing. There is a painful separation of daydreaming and being delusional. Now, you probably have some idea about what life will be like once things fall into place. You probably harbor some dreams, desires and ambitions that you don’t even tell your friends about. And none of them are impossible – they are entirely within your reach – it is just that if you continue on your present path you will not end up where you want.

This may take some self discipline to get to; this may take an extra bit of honesty with yourself.

And just to clarify: being honest with yourself is unequivocally NOT the same as accepting other people’s negative casting of you. Some people will tell you, often with a whiny voice, that “if you are really honest with yourself,” you will reach the same conclusion about you as they have. And yeah – sure – once in a blue moon they are right, but more often they are just confusing their own error of judgement with reality, AND they think that since you don’t agree with their take on reality you must be lying, to yourself. That is NOT the sort of “honesty” we advocate. There is no need to internalize the negative thoughts others may be trying to inject you with. What we advocate is YOU being honest with YOU.

Think of Freud who said that “Being entirely honest with oneself is a good exercise”


Who you are and how you act determine your results and what you attract! {Click it to Tweet it!}

So what are the results you are getting in your life – and how are you creating them? And what things, people and events are you attracting – and who are you being in order to attract them?

Now, honesty is a white light, and when you shine it in the dark corners chances are that you will come across some things that are not so pretty, at least not superficially. But at the same time given that you have the determination to bite on through until you find the truth, you are also likely to come across some wonderful and useful discoveries and rediscoveries.

A new question

Because here is the thing – there are many ways of getting you from here to there. But one way, often forgotten in today’s goal oriented climate, is to rather than finding an external goal and allowing that to determine your actions, how about find the beautiful inner parts of you, finding your internal essence, finding the thing that makes you you, and just allow it to come to the surface more.

Your new question becomes: who are you – and when you are you, how do you flow?

Constantly creating new wonderful you…

We wish you a wonderfully wonderful week!

Your in the flow trainers
Lidija & Thomas

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