Popcorn for the Soul – Quality Questions

‘Quality questions create a quality life. Successful people ask better questions, and as a result they get better answers.’ – Tony Robbins

Tony qualityDear friends,

Greetings from autumnal London, where we have spent the last few weeks teaching New Code NLP courses and in between these we delivered a weekend workshop with a magical shaman – NLP and Shamanism. Needless to say we had fun and are pleased to have spent our time doing what we love doing, delivering high quality trainings and seeing a delight on people’s faces: So now I understand what NLP is all about, and I thought it was most logical, linear and mostly based on words 🙂 That may be so, but in our model of the world NLP is all about creating life where you can enjoy your own presence. And it is all about establishing a great communication with your own unconscious and taking it to a whole new level, the level you want to be on, the level that is congruent with your values, the level that meets and raises your standards.

Rather than just learning stuff that meets the needs of your current level, you also want the learnings that will help you at your next level (and how to reach it!)

Because, very often we learn stuff that meets our current needs, where the learnings very rarely provide long term sustainable strategies. These learnings can at that particular moment in time be very useful and can help us get insights, yet they rarely provide breakthroughs that can lead to happier, more fulfilling lives, lives where your own presence is rich, where you learn from it, where you detect your habitual patterns of being, living, inspecting them, tweaking them.

What kind of question do you ask yourself?

You see on occasions, we spend time being surrounded by other people, interacting with them, with very little time with ourselves, and when I say with ourselves I mean alone, in a contemplative silence, asking ourselves quality questions.

In my life, I’ve learned the power of asking quality questions. They can take you on the most distinct and diverse voyage of discovery, where you get to really know what makes you tick, what lights you up! And the reason why I am bringing the topic of presence, silent presence and quality questions in the period of the year where most people are planning end of the year parties, social events and good old new year’s resolutions, is because in these situations of self imposed euphoria, we could easily lose sight of what makes us tick and go with the masses 🙂

Paradoxically, it is also in this kind of scenarios that you could best observe yourself, ask questions and learn so much about yourself and ultimately your peer group.

I am not proposing that you become a hermit who sits in the corner observing self and others, thus getting into judging self and others. Oh no! Absolutely not! The message I am driving across is the one where we learn to enjoy our presence even when we are alone and in the groups.

You see, once you spend some time asking yourself the following four quality questions:

Quality Question 1) What do I love?

Quality Question 2) What am I passionate about?

Quality Question 3) What do I want to feel?

Quality Question 4) What/Whom makes me thrive?

you will start to appreciate life on a whole new level, and it becomes a totally new ball game, the one where you set the rules, where you know what keeps the inner fire going. As only when you have your inner fire to rely on, for heat, buzz, excitement, creativity, you won’t have to rely on others. In fact, you will find that your flames attract similar flames, and together you create the fire that spreads loving, purposeful and magical sparks!

Questions give more than answers

Questions are often more interesting than answers. Questions are great at helping you direct your attention and awareness towards a certain direction. Answers are often readymade solutions – prescriptions about how “one” should act or behave.

Every time you rely on answers from someone else you become more dependent on outside authorities. Every time you take time to figure out what YOU think and feel regarding something of importance you become more self reliant.

With this in mind I would like to propose that you spend a few minutes right now where you let go of everything “one” is expected to think, feel, do, and simply focus on each of the questions in turn.

First: What do you love? What do YOU love? Don’t get lost with attempting to answer, just stay with the question and notice what comes up.

Second: What are you passionate about? Passionate! It is a beautiful word – and we hope your life is already full of passion! And will become even more so as a result of contemplating this.

Third: Spend some time considering what you want to feel. This question can certainly set your life in a whole new direction. Sometimes people become fixated on things they want to achieve, not realizing that the ultimate reason they want to achieve a particular thing is the feeling it will give them – and that there may be many ways of getting to that result.

Fourth: What and whom makes you thrive? It often seems obvious in retrospect. Of course we should choose to be with those who help us thrive, but sometimes we get stuck in a rut… May your exploration serve as a guide as to how and with whom you wisely choose to spend time!

Next, take your almanac out and write one of the quality questions for each of the forthcoming four days. And resolve to every so often during that day to spend a few minutes contemplating the question of the day. Or bring it up in conversation with people who are capable of having a mindful dialogue – you may just notice again how much more interesting and inspiring a conversation may become once you start talking about things that matter.
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Wishing you a quality week and sending you oceans of love

Your NLP trainers,

Lidija & Thomas

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