Popcorn for the soul – Preparing for a Brave New 2014 – Part 2

“I now know that next year I will …”

Last week’s Popcorn for the Soul was about making preparations ahead of making plans for 2014, and this one continues where that one left off …

I now know that next year I willDear Friends,

As 2013 is coming to a close, it is getting time to take stock in order to know what you want to bring with you into next year, and what you want to let go of.

Consider all the good things that have happened during the year. Perhaps you write a journal of things to be grateful for – if you do, now is the time to review it! And if not, now is the time to remember, with pleasure, all the good things that have happened this year.

All the things you are proud of. All the ways you are grateful that you are you. All the things you did that you rightfully should be proud of. All the things you did that you want to continue doing.

Time as a line

Imagine 2013 and 2014 as a line on the floor, each day after the other, each week after the other, each month after the other, each season after the other… Imagine floating up above time and seeing the entire year 2013 from above, and how all those things that were good in 2013 and that you want to keep, starts spreading throughout the year 2014.

As you are floating, feel free to grab everything you like: even if a happy moment was due to something you cannot recreate – perhaps you were surprised by a friend – you can still grab the happiness of that moment and sprinkle it like fairy dust along the timeline. Your unconscious mind will get the idea. Once you start planning for happiness, your unconscious is a lot more likely to make it happen!

Now, imagine floating through the timeline of the year 2013 and collecting all the times you were effortlessly strong, and spreading that quality throughout next year. Imagine walking along 2013 while you re-experience all your resourcefulness, all your joy, all your pleasant interactions (is that what they call it nowadays;-)) with others – and continue walking through the timeline of 2014 just preparing the year, sowing the seeds of joy and success, planting reminders to feel good, to be good and to do good stuff during the next year.

And perhaps it is time to start making some notes in your calendar as well. About specific things you want to repeat next year.

Let it go

So, now that you have prepared a little bit about what you want to keep and bring into the next year it may be a good idea to consider the exact opposite:

What do you want to leave behind? What do you want to let go of?

If you take a look at the timeline for 2013 and 2014, what are the things that happened in 2013 that you really have no use for during the next year and beyond, AND that you can let go of?

Allow yourself to imagine that there is a giant magnet in the middle of the earth, a magnet which draws away the stuff you no longer want or need, a magnet that is activated every night, just as you starting drifting off to sleep. And don’t be too surprised if you find yourself feeling lighter and more rested than usual when you wake up in the morning.

Imagine doing a thorough redecoration of your mental habitat. Where all the outdated programming, all the habits that no longer serve a purpose, all the decisions that are way after their use before dates, all the stuff that you no longer want or have any use for are simply whisked away – creating space for new and better habits, reactions, feelings and decisions.

To stimulate this process you may want to spend some time during the forthcoming week contemplating a symbol of renewal. For example the purifying alchemical fire burning away age and tiredness from the mighty Phoenix so it may rise again, rejuvenated, young, reborn. The snake shedding its old worn-out skin, through sloughing, emerging young, healed, reborn. Or some other symbol of your choice and preference.

And, of course it may also be time for some conscious mind actions. Cancelling the subscriptions to the TV channels you don’t want or need to watch, and other such things. And leaving some of your notes in your calendar for 2013 where they are, without copying them into the next year’s almanac. Been there, done that :-)!

We wish you a wonderful week, and send you oceans of renewing energies,

Your totally-excited-and-filled-with-new-energies trainers,

Thomas & Lidija

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