Popcorn for the Soul – Playing to your Weak Side … Sometimes

Dear Friends,

!!CollageWow!  This has been an amazing week. Please bear with us while we brag…Just a bit, as our bragging could be of interest to you 🙂

We started preparing a project working on illness prevention using, among other tools neurolinguistic strategies, with top medical specialists from the US and Serbia, and our role models Professor Emeritus dr. Spira Strahinjic and Prof. dr. Bobby Ilic. We were also invited to participate at the seminar on World Kidney Day (March 13) organized by the Serbian Academy of Medical Science and the Serbian Doctors’ Society in Nis.  We also christened our amazing new training centre in Belgrade, by delivering an awesome workshop on abundance 🙂 ! And we can now offer our top of the line seminars in a matching luxurious environment!

And, crowning the week, on Friday Lidija was voted Vice President of the Serbian Association for Counseling, Psychotherapy and Coaching! In the words of Borat: ‘Great success’ 🙂 !

But the topic of today’s popcorn for the soul is something else. As you know most good advice is good sometimes, given a specific situation … and it may even be stupid to follow it at other times. One specific set of good advice to which this applies has been haunting us recently. The advice being:

Play to your weak side!

This is good advice. Because she who only plays to her strong sides becomes onesided. She will only develop what she already knows. She may even become a laser focus master at some things. But a laser focus master with a limited repertoire. The person who plays to their weak sides however stands a much better chance of becoming a well rounded person.

I mean, it’s super simple! We have all seen the first grader who lost faith in some of her capabilities at an early stage, and then avoided her weak subjects at all costs – and indeed the costs became great as the years went by. When the groundwork is not well laid it is hard to build something solid on it. Or indeed anything.


(And this is a big BUT, deserving to be capitalized!)

The way to win is to play on your strengths.

So another piece of very good advice is: “Play to your strong side!”

‘If you spend all your time and energy improving your weak sides, you will never use your strengths to the max! @LidijaMomentum’ Tweet it baby!

Now, if you spend some time thinking about this it should appear pretty obvious. When you operate in the marketplace you do what you do best – that way you can deliver high quality services and products. And in your private life the same applies: you play to your strengths – you create maximum value.

Find the right balance

So here we have two pieces of good advice. Appearing to contradict each other. How do we deal with these contradictions? Some people have suggested we must learn to find a balance of Yin and Yang – but that is a vague and unspecified metaphor. (A balance how specifically?)

The true answer is super simple. Just say: it depends on the situation!

And consider in which situations it’s most beneficial to play to our strengths, and in which situations it’s just plain silly to play to our weak side.

You see, it’s never the case that good advice can replace your own thinking. No outside authority knows exactly what your situation is. You will always need a good dose of common sense. (Or in some cases; uncommon sense). You will always have to fall back on your own judgement.

Now THAT is good advice 🙂

So with this in mind, may we invite you to do the following little funercise. In your journal, write a list of a couple of pieces of advice that you keep in your mind, and write a couple of situations where it is a great advice, and a couple of situations where that same advice is not worth following. The idea is to ask the three classic questions: Where, when and with whom?

You may also want to consider taking time to write down all the activities that you do that make you feel strong and those that make you feel weak, that feel like a drag, yet, you keep doing them…Take time to honestly differentiate what activities make you feel all happy and effervescent inside and what make you feel flat?

And even more importantly, because the way to really become engaged is to activate your social brain: share your findings! Write your musings in the comment section of our Facebook page!

Wishing you an effervescent week and sending you oceans of love!

Your playful NLP trainers,
Thomas & Lidija

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