Popcorn for the Soul – Let the Love in

“There are two basic motivating forces: fear and love. When we are afraid, we pull back from life. When we are in love, we open to all that life has to offer with passion, excitement, and acceptance. We need to learn to love ourselves first, in all our glory and our imperfections. If we cannot love ourselves, we cannot fully open to our ability to love others or our potential to create. Evolution and all hopes for a better world rest in the fearlessness and open-hearted vision of people who embrace life.” – John Lennon

letLoveInDear Friends,

It has been a weekend of fun! It started on a fabulous note, by us finding out that we’ve been nominated for a prestigious APCTC ‘Trainer of the Year’ award. It came out of the blue 🙂 ! How is that for being loved and acknowledged 🙂 !? Awesome feeling indeed!

And now that we are entering a week where most people will go out of their way to be kind to their partners, or expecting their partners to be kind to them, I’d like to ask you a question?

Are you being kind to yourself? Do you feel loved? Do you love enough? Do you feel like you are getting your fair share of love, or do you, like most people, feel that life is not fair and that love is reserved for those more fortunate than you?!

How is your relationship with yourself? When was the last time you allowed yourself to be loved? When was the last time you really acknowledged and appreciated yourself? And by this I don’t mean, plain soulless and filled with fear and doubt affirmations of ‘I love myself and life is fabulous’ type…What I mean is real, deep, raw self love. Love that makes every single fiber in your body vibrate and sing! Love that fills every pore of your being! Love that is free from fear, free from conditioning! Just LOVE! Pure undiluted, unadulterated LOVE!

Have you?

If not yet, how about you start now! But, before we go any further, please allow me to share my story…

Effortless love

You see, a while back, I thought I loved myself unconditionally, I thought that being of a cheerful disposition and being great at re-framing, seeing the world through a rose tinted glasses, that being surrounded with loving and caring people was enough to feel loved and be loved…and it was…at that time…

But then I went to Japan, and on this particular visit , I decided to venture to Kyoto, where I found myself (please don’t ask me how 🙂 as these things just happen), at a Shunkoin Temple, greeted by a sweet natured monk who was all LOVE. A loving smile, with a loving slow walk, loving and gentle movements, loving voice. Everything about him was oozing love! And I wanted to learn how to achieve that state! Or similar! I wanted to ooze love, be love, breathe love, live love…effortlessly! It was then that I noticed, that my ‘love’ was conditioned and dependent on outside factors, his (the monk’s) was just there…He was it!

And so I was guided to spend some time learning how to love. Learning how to experience deep self love… Oh, and leaning how to meditate 😉 !

It was one of those experiences where I learnt so much about myself, feelings behind my thoughts, peace, love, and very possibly rock ‘n’ roll 🙂 ! Joking apart, the whole experience was powerful and life changing. Come to think of it, most of the experiences we go through in lives, are life changing, if we allow ourselves to dive into them and learn from them, aren’t they?!

But let’s continue with love… 🙂 ! One of the many things I learned in Kyoto is that in order to experience deep self love, love that is free like a butterfly, we need let go of fear. All of it! So that love can inhabit our whole being. Love, the pure kind, can be experienced in all its glory, only once we have been stripped of fear…Any fear!

Leg all your fears go

You see, as children we are programmed to ‘be afraid’! So we are taught to live with it. We don’t even question it. And when love finds it hard to find us, we tend to complain…And the answer is right in front of our very eyes – let go of fear and let love in! Don’t let the fear scare the love away, just let it (love) in!

You will have noticed that I deliberately didn’t put fear in any of the categories! Like fear of this or fear of that. The reason being, that fear has, over the years, been allowed to live rent free within us, and as such doesn’t require categorizing 🙂 !

So how about we use this week to start deleting fear, learning the lessons it has to offer, and intrepidly step into a love filled life?! Wouldn’t it be fun allowing yourself to welcome love, be enveloped with love.

Get yourself out of the way, and let love in. Experience it like you’ve never experienced it before, notice how, when allowed, it can create miracles, notice how the world changes when you give yourself the gift of deep self love! Everything becomes effortless…Every experience comes in HD! In 3D version!

So with this in mind, may we invite you to spend this week, and beyond, by injecting love in everything you do. How would you do that? Well, for starters, make a decision, a conscious one, that you will give yourself the gift of love. Do something that you love doing, something that comes from you and doesn’t depend on the outside factors, write a love letter to yourself, expressing gratitude and appreciation to yourself. Take sometime during a day, every day, to close your eyes, and feel the love welling up and building inside you, for no reason 🙂 ! Make this a ritual!  Do it every day, until you fully embody it, until it becomes a second nature to you! Love thyself first, as it is only when you master the art of self love, will you be able to love others! Let us know how you got on!

Do this only if you are looking for the experience of being alive and loved 🙂 !

We wish you a week filled with love and sending you oceans of this magic substance 😉 !

Your bathing in love NLP trainers,
Lidija & Thomas

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