Popcorn for the Soul – How to Fail Miserably in Life!

Dear Friend!

Anthony Robbins London 2014It has been a whirlwind of a month, culminating in assisting at a seminar delivered by the world’s well known results coach and our teacher and mentor – awesome Mr. Robbins, followed by a private dinner in London with one of his top aides and our dear Friend Mr. Gary King, the founder of International Happiness Foundation. We, at Momentum Strategies are ever so grateful to be invited to events like this, because they present an excellent opportunity for our Selves to grow and learn. It is after all what gives our training seminars the real edge! And it is during these two events that the topic for this week’s Popcorn, came about!

Sooooo, how is life treating you? Or how are you treating life? Is there anything you are not doing, that it easy and that could dramatically improve the quality of your existence? Are there any rituals, daily habits that are becoming so comfortable, that you find yourself being a little uncomfortable, while performing them;-)?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation you didn’t like, and known that it was the result of your way of life? The things you habitually do? And since we are on the subject of non performing, let us share with you THE secret to miserably fail in life ;-)!

The secret of failing

There are many ways to fail in life. Ah – options, options! 🙂 But we want to direct your attention to one particular way to fail miserably and painfully. Are you ready? Ok, here goes:

The secret to failing in life is to make a tiny tiny tiny error of judgement … and to repeat it Every Day For A Very Long Time {Tweet it, baby!}

You already know that this is true, but just spend a few moments pondering this truth.

Consider the message from the forces that do not care about your wellbeing: enjoy loads of sugar every day … smoke a packet of cigarettes … spend your time watching American gladiator … spend your money on the candy next to the cash register … relax with a beer after work … disregard the feelings of your loved ones … disregard your own feelings … leave work a little early … take the elevator rather than the stairs …

It wouldn’t be so bad if the error of judgement was reserved for a single day in your life. It is the repetition of the small error in judgement every day for years and years that will land you in trouble. The worst kind are like a snowball gathering mass with every turn as it rolls faster and faster, becoming more and more difficult to stop.

Sometimes the errors of judgement are supported by the culture and time you find yourself in. In the Western world most adults are now non-smokers. Just twenty years ago most were smokers. It wasn’t like we didn’t know how unhealthy cigarettes were … it was just that everybody else smoked. The question you want to ask yourself is- are you strong enough and committed enough to go against the stream?

Make the decision, make the change now

So, with this in mind, and ONLY if you want to take your life to the next level and make it count, may we propose the following exercise: take 5 minutes right now and on a piece of paper write down the small errors of judgement you repeat every day. Find one that will be easy to change. Find one that you will feel gratitude to yourself a year from now when you remember how you made the decision today to simply stop making that small error of judgement. Make the firm decision to change your ways.

If you have studied NLP with us, here is an excellent opportunity to use it to make the change easy and pleasant! And for those of you you have not yet experienced the magic of our NLP training seminars, come along and allow us to help you learn how to uncover the vast resources hidden within you, so that you can start making changes now. Hurry up, as your life doesn’t wait!

As always, we wish you a wise week and we send you oceans of love!

Your wise trainers,
Lidija and Thomas

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