Popcorn for the soul – How much do you want to want it?

“Wanting and wanting to want is the first step towards achieving!” – Lidija Markovic Rosati

WantingDear friend,

“How badly do you want it?” The answer to this question can be very revealing.

It is not unusual for people to find that they have a pet project, a change in their life they want to make or just something they want to do – yet they just do not find themselves making it happen, or they make sporadic bursts of action but find that it all tend to fizzle out. Sometimes they ask what mysterious forces lurking beyond the reach of conscious awareness are responsible for this inertia, for this lack of decisive action, hoping that such an explanation would somehow give them the key to unlock the door to the future they think they want.

Have you got one such thing in your life? (If not – good for you, you may now archive this text and return to it when you need it 🙂 ) Now ask yourself the first key question: How badly do you want it?

Imagine, if you wish, a scale from one to ten where one is: “I would never ever dream of sacrificing a single minute of watching the Kardashians in order to reach this goal!”, where two is: “I am mildly curious, perhaps if someone paid me enough and gave me guarantees ahead of time that I would succeed I would spend some time watching a documentary on the topic”, and so on all the way up to ten, which is: “I will walk through hell and high water to achieve this, I am inspired enough and motivated enough to endure everything, I will succeed or die trying – that is all there is too it.”

Where are your inspiration and motivation on this scale?

In the answer you will find the reason

Often the answer to this simple question is very revealing. The reason some people do not get going is simply that they do not have a strong enough desire to get going. Nor are they inspired.

Now, some think that a lack of motivation is a reason to give up. Sort of like: if they do not want it enough they do not really deserve it – so they should give up.

We disagree. Why should someone be disqualified just because they do not know how to motivate themselves enough?

The real question is: How much do you want to want it? {Click it to tweet it!}

And a very simple – inspiration births motivation {Click it to tweet it }!

Because when you deeply desire to want something, yet at the same time find that you really don’t, there is usually one of two things going on.

Two possibilities

The first possibility is that there are opposing forces that you haven’t yet dealt successfully with. The thought of actually going for the thing you want brings along with it fears and doubts. Perhaps wanting one thing and secretly desiring its opposite.

The other possibility is that you simply do not imagine what you desire well enough. Your dream about your desires is not wild enough to get you going.

Now – if you have already taken part in any of our trainings you already have plenty of tools you can use to both discover what you really want, and to clean up the way you imagine it so that you start to want it more, and in an achievable fashion.

If not, just to help you a little bit along the way, we suggest you do the following thought experiment. Just think about how you think when you are maximally motivated in a pleasant way. How do you think about the thing you want to do when you really, really want to do it. You can even ask yourself what it is like if you imagine it more real, more 3D, larger and more colorful. Just play with the thought until you can really imagine the feeling of being very, very motivated spinning throughout your being.

Now, ask yourself what would it be like if you think about the thing you want to want more in that way? What would change? What would be the consequences in your life? Would you prefer to live that way? Would you enjoy being more motivated and acting more out of motivation? And if you want to want it even more – what can you change to start wanting it even more?

Sending you loads of love and wishing you a week were you can be inspired enough to gift yourself a week of sheer motivation!

Your inspired to inspire trainers!

Lidija & Thomas

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