Popcorn for the soul – Great Preparations for the Brand New You – Part 3

Last week’s Popcorn for the Soul was the second in a series about making preparations ahead of making plans for 2014, and this one continues where that one left off …

“This year I have decided …”

This year I have decidedDear Friends,

It is a well recognized fact that it is good feng shui to, whenever you introduce some new item in your home to get rid of something old. So that your home does not become cluttered. You give something away (pay it forward, e.g. FB page Pay It Forward Serbia //Šalji Dalje Srbija !) or throw it away in order to create space for the new. Out with the old, in with the new.

And as a continuation of your preparations for the new year we urge you to do a huge spring cleaning. You want to finish as many threads as possible, to liberate as much energy as possible before you make your resolution for the next year.

On a very mundane level this may entail spending a day cleaning your apartment or house. A day of getting sorting through all the stuff in that wardrobe: If you haven’t used it during the last year – are you going to use it again, ever? If this item was not already in your possession, would you invest money to buy it?

On a relationship level this may entail going through your relationships. We are sure you will find a couple where a very simple action, such as making that phone call you know you should make, that phone call which you know will within minutes clear up what may become impossible to clear up if you don’t make it. That courtesy call to say that you are sorry that you haven’t called earlier, but …

Less is more

In essence, what are your easily fixable energy drains? It’s a bit like the story about the farmer whose cow fell into a ditch. He spent the first half of the day getting the cow out of the ditch, and then the second half making sure the cow would never ever get into the ditch again. Not all of us had the luxury of being able to spend that second half of the day repairing the system. But a stitch in time saves nine, and right now you can start thinking, start making an inventory over the places where you can spend just a little bit of time and energy in order to not have to spend time and energy later on.

If you are familiar with the processes we teach at our workshops and seminars maybe now is the time to set some time aside to plug the energy drains of your life. But even if you don’t know real NLP or the other techniques we teach, you already know many ways to handle things. Perhaps it is time to forgive someone, or ask someone’s forgiveness. Perhaps it’s time to start calling a possible new employer. Perhaps it’s just time to have a deep think about some aspect of your life … it is amazing how many problems can be solved once one is willing to sit down and direct one’s attention towards them.

After this mental spring cleaning please remember that just as nature abhors a vacuum, your brain will find something to do. Time and thoughts are never empty. So, as you are preparing space to introduce new things, it is also time to find good new things that will fill up the empty spaces  … so now is a very good time to start thinking about what you want in your life, what are the utmost important things that you would like to already look forwards to during the next year! And most importantly, who you need to become in order to welcome and attract all the things, situations, people you want!

Remember to stay faithful to your dreams!

Wishing you a happy ending of this year and sending you oceans of love

Your supercleansed NLP trainers,

Lidija & Thomas

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