Popcorn for the Soul – Don’t fake it – Face it!

“Facing it – always facing it – that is the way to get through.” – Joseph Conrad

face-it-until-you-make-itHey Friend,

What’s up, and what’s not;-)?

How is this week working out for you so far?

I am asking you this question, as lately, in speaking with clients, I hear that April has been challenging, tough, trying, different…But has it? Or have we, yet once again welcomed it by not being ready;-)?

I have a question here…it may sound a bit blunt, and here it is… when are we going to stop looking for and putting the blame on the outside world? What happened to the good old taking responsibility spiel, and owning up?!

You see, we tend to fake things, bluff, pretend, soften or exaggerate and amplify, but are rarely honest; and when we happened to be honest, in those rare moments, we fail to take momentum, but rather, opt to go back to the old established and well learned and programmed ways.

Perception of the truth

We, at Momentum, are currently involved in a couple of projects that involve leadership, and it is no surprise that one of the key points when it comes to leadership (this is also you as a leader of your life) is that old adage of seeing things as they are, and now how we want them to be or how we fear them to be. This simple truth, seems to be the winning formula.

As it is only when we face things without faking them, without pretending, we can really move forward, otherwise we live in a fake, artificial world where illusion and self-delusion rule, and no wonder that April, rain, snow, sun, traffic are to blame :-)! This is an easy strategy that most people embrace, but when nurtured over time, it becomes very uneasy, very uncomfortable. So the sooner we take responsibility for what’s within us that can be tweaked, upgraded, changed, the healthier relationship we’ll start having with months of the year and the elements ;-), and the world around us!

And that my dear friend, involves acting in accordance to our perception of the truth. As love, joy, abundance, will flow to us, when we flow to it…Really without pretending, without faking it, without turning the blind eye, without putting our head in the sand…

Reality check

So just for today, forget about endless intelligence insulting advice about how to create an abundant, joyful, happy life by using various shortcuts, that in the long run cost you both time and money, and give you no or limited results…Instead, just for today, look up and look inside, look deep, and dig deep and see what you can find within, that can empower you, that can give you that extra kick, that reality check – whatever reality might mean to you!

Just for today, see it, feel it, hear it as is, and start anew, start afresh, start with you, from within!

So, let today be a day for accurate thinking, let today be the day when you skip self deception. So, starting with just today: Don’t fake it – Face it! (Tweet it baby!)

As all you need is within you, lying and waiting to be unleashed, awakened and re-born, free from falseness and pretense. The real, beautiful, awesome you!

So rather then pretending you are happy in your job, where really you’d rather tell your boss/colleagues to go to that place, rather then pretending that it is enough that your relationship is OK ( -how much passion do you get from an OK relationship…just curious 😉 ), rather than faking it, choose to face it, and notice what happens!

So, just for today, surrender in silence to your Soul and consider how beautiful you are when you are not faking it, when you say it as is and how it is. Feel that! Breathe it, love it, live it!

We wish you a wonderful week with a lot of real you in it!

Sending you oceans of love,

Yours always facing it trainers,

Lidija & Thomas

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